Pharmacy Relationships

Dr. Gorrell is taking an innovative approach to the difficult and complex dynamic between pain management clinics/physicians and pharmacies/pharmacists. He has issued the invitation to pharmacies and their staff to come and visit his clinic open door style.

Dr. Gorrell is board certified in both anesthesia as well as pain management and exempt from the state requirement to register and be inspected, however he chooses to for quality assurance standards. He is now taking it one step further and opening his doors to local pharmacies. He will have an open door for pharmacists and their staff all day to tour the office and review his documents.

Since his move to Spring Hill in 2012, he has been working to develop rapport with local pharmacies because it is difficult for patients to find pain medication due to the pain medication shortage as well as the evolving rules and regulations that individual pharmacies have imposed. Dr. Gorrell will make available his forms and documents, his quality assurance manual, prior inspection reports, his curriculum vitae, criminal background report as well as a redacted patient record.


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