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Weight Loss Struggle?

For a limited time only you can get a subscription to our Transitions Weight Loss website for only $24.95 and receive a bottle of CORE Fat and Carb Inhibitor included in the price!!

What Makes the nutraMetrix TLS® New Year Special Unique?
Did you know that 67 percent of adults make a fitness or weight loss resolution each year, but only eight percent end up achieving their goal? TLS Weight Loss Solution is here to change that, and our New Year Special is the perfect way to get started on your journey!

The TLS New Year Special combines a subscription — which provides interactive tools — with a bottle of customer favorite TLS CORE Fat & Carb Inhibitor.

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Sunday July 24, 2011 at 4:30 PM Transitions Lifestyle Systems Meetup at the Gorrell Institute!

Call 1-800-788-1444 to RSVP for the special meeting with Dr. Gorrell. You will not want to miss the opportunity to meet with other people, share your successes, and learn why your inability to lose weight is not your fault. The root cause of obesity in America is a metabolic malnutrition. Until this is fixed and understood, you cannot lose weight. Come learn step-by-step how to be a success and not a failure. Every class includes a question and answer session at the end. That’s like getting a free consult with Dr. Gorrell. The classes are five dollars with an RSVP and $10 at the door. This program is based on the principles of low glycemic index eating making it safe for diabetics and those with heart disease. It helps the body heal itself and in the process people have seen these conditions dramatically improve and sometimes go away completely. Transitions Lifestyle System® is a complete weight management system that encompasses low-glycemic eating, body composition and behavior modification. This is an easy-to-follow, enjoyable system that includes daily journaling, behavior modification, education, nutraceutical supplements that  allow the body to reset its metabolism.

PS: the staff is looking for 20 responsible adults and 10 responsible school-aged children who are committed to losing weight. There will be part of the certified coaching program and receive VIP attention. Before-and-after pictures will be taken, as well as body fat tape measurements and a electronic percent body fat measured. If you follow the simple research proven process, your success is guaranteed. It’s like going to AAA in getting the roadmaps with the path clearly marked for you so you can get  from A to B without getting lost!

Sunday July 24, 2011 Transitions Lifestyle Systems Meetup at the Gorrell Institute! 4:30 PM

Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 4:30 PM come to the office for the  Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS) weekly meeting.  If you can’t lose weight, it’s not your fault; come and find out why. We have the answer and the solution to lose weight in a natural, healthy, and sustainable way.  The meetings allow you to meet with like-minded individuals, synergize, share your stories of success and failure with friends. Additionally, each session allows you to ask Dr. Gorrell questions you may have allowing you to ensure your success. Make sure & bring your Transitions Daily Journal;  if you need one, the cost is only $6.95. Dr. Gorrell will discuss the next thing to do after week one where participants took the Nutraclean 7 day detox.  If you are an existing patient or a potential new patient that would like more information, please join us for Dr. Gorrell’s informative session.  Please RSVP by calling 800-788-1444 so that we will be sure to have enough educational materials for everyone. The cost of the meetings is $10 if you walk in and five dollars if you RSVP. Location:  The Gorrell Institute 5119 Commercial Way,  Spring Hill, FL  34606.


PS: We are personally running the advanced certification classes and looking for 20 responsible adults and 10 responsible school-age children who need to lose weight. Before and after pictures will be taken for the 12 week program, as well as percent body fat measurements including circumferential measurements of four different areas on the body so you can see how many total inches you lost by the end of the program

Announcing Transitions Lifestyle System Weight Loss Meet up Group based at The Gorrell Institute!

Tomorrow, July 6th, at 6:30PM we will have a special guest speaker, Charlotte Israel on Transitions Lifestyle system. Charlotte is a true spokesmodel who started as a size 26 & is now a 14/16!   She is headed towards a 10/12 by the end of the year. Charlotte is a Church minister in Tampa who talks the talk & walks the walk! It is going to be absolutely amazing & life changing! If you have started our weight loss program or have considered gastric bypass surgery, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to hear her speak. Extend your life; move away from the pain of disease & to wellness.   RSVP ASAP to assure seating at or call us at 352-224-3139.  If no answer, please leave a message. Join our new Meetup group: The-Gorrell-Institute-Transitions-Group. We will hold our meetings at The Gorrell Institute 5119 Commercial Way Spring Hill, FL  34606 every Sunday from 4 to 5PM. BE PROACTIVE INVEST TIME & EFFORT IN MAINTAINING YOUR HEALTH! Always RSVP & check the meet up site to keep up with any cancellations or scheduling changes. Loose weight by becoming healthier, act NOW!

MERRILEE SEVERINO CPC, CPM Launches Nature Coast Chapter of POMAA (Physician Office Managers Association of America) meeting today at noon June 21, 2011! Topic: Charlotte Israel speaks on how to increase your practice revenue by offering nutraceuticals and weight loss!

The second meeting of the Spring Hill Chapter of POMAA occurs today at noon at Spring Hill Regional Medical Center’s Medical arts building. Go to the MAB room. This will be through the first door on your left and at the end of the hall for human resources. Address: 10461 Quality Dr., Spring Hill, FL 34609. For questions or directions, please call the hospital operator at 352-688-8200.

Attention Office Managers, Supervisors Administrators!
The Nature Coast Chapter of POMAA
(Physician Office Managers Association of America)
Lunch ‘n Learn with Lunch Catered by Panera Bread!
Lunch sponsor  and chapter president: MERRILEE SEVERINO, CPC, CMM, CPM
Guest Speaker: Charlotte Israel speaks on how to increase your practice revenue by offering nutraceuticals and weight loss! Charlotte Israel is a expert public speaker who is charismatic and very entertaining. She has mastered the transitions lifestyle system and has a very compelling personal story. Additionally, she will talk about NutraMetrix custom health solutions which is a way health professionals can offer their patients science-based nutraceuticals, and custom supplementation products to improve their health while simultaneously creating cash revenue for the practice.

Merrilee Severino is the President and Owner of MSPPMRC, Consulting Company.
Merrilee has worked in various specialties including pediatrics, gastroenterology, surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, and Internal Medicine to name a few. She enjoys helping practices get the money they have worked so hard for.
Non-Members $15 donation toward POMAA’s National Scholarship Fund!!
We are starting the Spring Hill Chapter of POMAA! There will be monthly meetings covering timely and important topics that you would not want to miss out on. Call my office at 352-224-3139 to be put on the contact list so you will be notified of upcoming events. To hire Ms. Severino as your practice management consultant, visit her She specializes in consulting, audits, practice flow through and improvements, and conversion to electronic medical records.

Transitions Lifestyle System and TLS Shape Up now available! Lose weight now!

Merrilee Severino and Dr. Gorrell have just successfully completed the transition certification training in Orlando Florida May 13 through the 15th 2011! We are looking for 20 motivated adults  who are disciplined and really want to improve their health, and involve themselves in a  science-based weight management program that  in just 12 weeks will teach you optimal health via a sustainable lifestyle change! The program requires a typical commitment of $200 per month. Weekly training classes at the Gorrell Institute are optional for those who live far away. Call 352-224-3139 for more information. Transitions will succeed where other programs have failed!  This was proven in a research study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Overtime, the weight loss our patients experience will reverse  diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease as well as and alleviate joint pain.

Additionally, we are looking for 10 children between the ages of nine and 18 years old who need to lose weight for the TLS shape up program which is specifically designed for  School-aged children and their families to work as a coaching team for the betterment of their children’s health. See flyers attached below.


I have gone from a size 26/28 to a size 14/16, a 4x to L! I had to learn that I was not a failure at dieting- in fact I was an expert at dieting but failed at losing weight because my diets programmed me to fail! …-Charlotte Israel   Come see Dr Gorrell & learn how to still play the lose/gain game; but now learn how to lose the fat, gain the muscle & get back your life! You will be a winner!

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Spring Hill, FL 34606

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