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Interventional Endocrinology or Anti-Aging Medicine

I frequently get asked, “What is Anti-Aging Medicine?” My answer is: “In addition to being a board certified Anesthesiologist practicing intervential pain management, I am a diplomat of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. My passion is for regenerative functional medicine which is the marriage of scientific & medical research aimed at the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related decline.  It employs evidence-based methodologies to conduct patient assessments to find the metabolic root cause of disease.  It is a integrative, evidence-based approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the unique genetic aspects of each patient. A individually tailored intervention is created to restore physical, psychological, and structureal balance. Nutragenomic science is used. In other words, disease comes from the interaction of the patient’s you unique genetic makeup with nutritional and environmental factors. By focusing on the metabolic root cause of disease, a cure can be achieved, and optimal wellness approached instead of just mere disease management.

MERRILEE SEVERINO CPC, CPM Speech today at the AAPC meeting at all Children’s Hospital! with special guest appearance of Amy Beth Gorrell

At 530 in the education center at all Children’s Hospital, on Tuesday, August 16 2011, come hear Merrilee educate on revenue cycle management at the American Association of professional coders meeting. Also come see Amy Beth Gorrell to see the power of wellness medicine. Both mother and daughter are doing great! She is now 19 days old, Being breast-fed and after vaginal delivery.

Anti-Aging & Wellness Succeeds where Disease Management Fails for How to Get Pregnant

July 28, 2011 5 PM. We are at the Hospital in Spring Hill, FL with Merrilee Severino my world famous Wellness Medicine spokesmodel. By following my program of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement & Nutraceuticals, she is now having her first child at 39 years old! She is doing now what she failed to do at 28 even though she was under the care of a Fertility OB specialist & had paid $3-4000 for each of the 2 rounds of Intra Uterine Insemination that she went through & she was on many different pharmaceutical drugs! By focusing on wellness & not on treating disease, I made her healthy enough to carry Amy Beth Gorrell to term. If you want to be healthier & be free of disease, call the office at 352-224-3139. As you get healthier, the side effects could well be that you are cured of infertility, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease etc.

Happy Mother’s Day to all from The Gorrell Institute of Pain Management & Wellness Medicine! (A day to start the Transitions Lifestyle System!)

It was a beautiful day in Spring Hill which is an easy 50 min. drive from anywhere in the Tampa Bay area via the Veterans Expressway. Merrilee is our resident spokesmodel for the wellness medicine program and a first-time mom to be with a expected date of July 25! She has been the most successful patient I have had thus far in antiaging program since she was unable to get pregnant at 28 and is now pregnant at 39! So to treat her for Mother’s Day, I took her to see the play   “Funny Girl” which is playing at the Stage West in Spring Hill Florida. Check out the review from   It is a very enjoyable play with fantastic singing by the lead  and this is the last week and for it. It is a entertainment bargain at just $15 as well.

This weekend Merrilee and I are doing the transitions certification training in Orlando.  We are very excited about bringing advanced wellness medicine skills to the Spring Hill area that will enhance your health and your longevity. People often do not realize that by their food choices, they are digging their grave one mouthful at a time. This is abundantly true and all the deaths and disease with people dying in their 50s is preventable. Call me at 352-224-3139 to schedule an appointment if you or if you know someone  who wants to be healed of afflictions like obesity, diabetes type II, and heart disease.  I try to offer something for every price range and my weight loss modalities and will create a customized program to work for you. Research has shown that my program is superior to any other program on the market for preserving muscle mass which is critical to maintaining your metabolism as well as for fat loss that is sustainable and permanent. Make wellness your resolution and your affirmation! Your life depends on it.

The Gorrell Institute Exhibits at First Unity Church of St Pete Goddess Spa Day Saturday, May 7 from 9:30 am to 2 pm

Stardate 5/6/11. As we attend the Chick Fil A Leadercast at PHCC in Spring Hill, FL, we are planning to see you Sat 5/6/11 at the First Unity Church in St Petersburg’s Goddess Spa Day from 10AM to 2PM.  Doctor Gorrell will personally be there to answer any and all of your health questions. He is a diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and an Anesthesiologist. If you have any questions about pain management, health, wellness, beauty, or how to roll-back the aging process by 10 years, then come to see Dr Gorrell.  If you have chronic diseases or chronic pain that has stumped your doctors thus far, come see us. Dr Gorrell will help you to get to the root cause of  you and your family’s diseases with proper diagnosis and advanced Nutraceutical therapies so you can be happy, healthy and well again!  What is your health and life worth? Is it priceless? Then invest time in learning how to be healthy.

Event location: First Unity of St Petersburg at Unity Campus | Phone – (727) 527-2222 | Fax – (727) 526-1277 | Address – 460 46th Ave North, St Petersburg, FL 33703.  Click link to their site for more information: Goddess Spa Day Saturday, May 7 from 9:30 am  to 2 pm.

Call now 352-224-3139 to leave a message. We will be back in the office on Monday by 10 AM & we will return your call then.

Happy Easter to all from The Gorrell Institute and The Center for Headache & Pain Management!

Star date April 24, 2011: We successfully ran a pampered Chef spring cleaning event at the office yesterday from   2 PM to 5 PM on Saturday, April 23, 2011. It was a wonderful event and Ms. Merrilee Severino our practice manager, practice consultant and anti-aging spokesmodel pulled it off without a hitch. We had a delicious chili dish with cornbread on top and mini banana pudding tarts. They were delicious. KJ is here for spring break. He treated us to the movie  Madea’s big happy family to congratulate us on our successful spring of him. It was an excellent movie choice and quite hilarious. I hope you get a chance to see it in the near future.

Today we had turkey and dressing, coconut cake, brussels sprouts with carrots, and sweet potato casserole with mini marshmallows on top. After church that is. Tonight we will watch the movie old dogs. God bless you and your family and thank God the most wonderful Easter present ever namely our salvation.

As always advocating for your health,  The Gorrell Institute will again be open at 10 AM  to 5 PM Monday  through Friday.  Appointments are preferred. Walk-ins accommodated if possible. We are a full-service pain management facility including interventional pain management procedures such as epidural steroid injections, facet blocks, and coming soon dorsal column stimulator trials and Suboxone detox. Additionally, the Gorrell Institute of wellness medicine is here for you if you want to look, feel, and metabolically function like you were 10 years younger. Just ask Merrilee, who is now six months pregnant at 39 years old when she was unable to get pregnant at 28 years old even after two rounds of therapies with an infertility OB/GYN. All Dr. Gorrell did was concentrate on wellness management and bio identical balancing of hormones instead of disease management. This type of medicine truly complies with the old adage: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Call us at 352-224-3139 if you want wellness to be included as something you will be working on this year.

The beauty premium in the work place

According to the  Today show  on NBC this morning, in a piece titled “why are we so obsessed with looking younger?” How you look, can affect if you are even working at all!  People who are more attractive and youthful, get hired first, get paid 12% more, & get fewer traffic tickets.  According to Alex Kuczynski, Author of the book  “beauty junkies” those who are attractive, get higher grades from teachers and score higher on IQ tests! There is a old Danish proverb, by the age of 50, you have the face you deserve, but now with modern medicine and technology, you can have the face you don’t deserve!

If you have abused yourself by sun worshiping, smoking, lack of sleep, or if you just want to improve yourself, I can help. Come and participate in our Botox special, the normal price is $15 per unit, but for the next 30 days, if you say you saw it here, I will give you the special price of $10 per unit. If you come with a friend, you both will get a special price of nine dollars per unit!  Come see a real MD who can help you nourish your skin from the inside out as well as the outside in! Learn how to use organic supplements and vitamins,  IE: Nutraceuticals to help you look and actually be stronger and healthier, and Cosmeceuticals, topical makeups with healing properties, to repair your skin.

Getting Ahead In A Shifting Market & Improve Your Health; Save Your Life! by Joshua Wenner Anthony Robbins Company & The Gorrell Institute

Joshua Wenner is a national speaker with the Anthony Robbins Company If you desire to learn cutting edge tools that will help you overcome challenges and rapidly achieve your personal and professional goals you need to attend.  Tony Robbins and his teachings are endorsed by Dr. Gorrell.

For your New Year’s resolution, make this the year where you are healthier and stronger than last year. Dr. Gorrell is a diplomat of the American Academy of antiaging medicine and specializes in helping you feel healthy and well again. He can make you look and feel 10 years younger! Learn how to  feel healthy, vigorous and strong again. This knowledge can save and extend the life of your self and your loved ones. What is your life worth? What is your health  worth? Certainly it is worth investing the time to hear this novel talk.

Time: Wednesday, February 16 · 5:30pm – 8:30pm. Location: Spring Hill Regional Hospital 104610 Qualtiy Drive Spring Hill, FL 34608. Just a scenic 50 minute drive from anywhere in Tampa. Don’t let distance keep you from this must-see event. It’s

FREE seminar  If you RSVP by 2/7/11, then five dollars in advance, and $10 at the door. Dinner compliments of Drugscan.  RSVP required and seating is VERY LIMITED (25 attendees). Call now: 352-224-3139. This evening is sponsored by The Gorrell Institute 5119 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606.

A personal PS from Doctor Gorrell: Tony Robbins is the best! He will help you achieve more than you ever thought was possible in your life! And I will help you to have the vitality that you need to get out of bed every morning  and achieve those goals. You are worth it!


We started a sign up sheet at the office for our Doctor of Chinese Medicine as well as Tai Chi class. We would love to see you join us for our weekly classes, this week’s topic will be achieving hormonal balance. When your hormones are out of balance, you experience such side effects as hair loss, weight gain/loss, dry/brittle nails and hair, decreased libido and mood swings to name a few…these symptoms if left untreated can lead to serious health issues. Come learn how I can help you naturally treat these problems.

Every Wed we have a Transitions class at 6 pm in the office. I would love to have you join us, new patients are joining every week. This is a total transition of lifestyle, not just a diet. We are here to help support you every step of the way, you are not alone in this transformation.

We are building the website currently and would appreciate any testimonial you would like to share, if you are not sure how to post, call the office at 352-224-3139 and ask for Merrilee and she will take it by phone.

Make sure you opt in today for our drawing….. lucky winner will be announced at the beginning of the month and the October winner will receive a two week supply of Pentaxyl-Intensive Therapy For Fine Lines and Wrinkles. This product is great and synergizes wonderfully with Botox treatments (I still have my special running for $7.99 per unit). Pentaxyl is part of the most basic anti-aging platform that I recommend to all patients as well as our OPC-3 beauty blend (which nourishes the skin from inside out). Pentaxyl is great at maintaining healthy skin coloring as well as reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and helps stimulate collagen synthesis. We stock this product in the office for $75 per 4 fl oz tube (approximately 90 day supply . This product can be compared to Strivectin (seen on Home Shopping Network or Dillards).

We are headed to the office today and have opened up the afternoon for patients and have two openings left this afternoon….. call 352-224-3139 and Merrilee can get you scheduled.

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