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Walgreens and their Secret Checklist

Recently, we opened up our doors and invited the local pharmacists to come and visit our practice. We had three pharmacies take us up on our offer and stopped by. I would like to thank Cortez Drugs, Seven Hills Pharmacy, and Pinebrook Pharmacy for taking the time out of their day and coming to visit our office. We did this mostly because of patients that have complained that Walgreens had refused to fill their prescription(s) and inferred that it had something to do with Dr. Gorrell.

We came across and interesting article that reveals the selective process Walgreens has been using to choose whom they will fill and whom they will not fill for.

We want to encourage patients that have been denied their medications by Walgreens to file a complaint.


Pharmacy Relationships

Dr. Gorrell is taking an innovative approach to the difficult and complex dynamic between pain management clinics/physicians and pharmacies/pharmacists. He has issued the invitation to pharmacies and their staff to come and visit his clinic open door style.

Dr. Gorrell is board certified in both anesthesia as well as pain management and exempt from the state requirement to register and be inspected, however he chooses to for quality assurance standards. He is now taking it one step further and opening his doors to local pharmacies. He will have an open door for pharmacists and their staff all day to tour the office and review his documents.

Since his move to Spring Hill in 2012, he has been working to develop rapport with local pharmacies because it is difficult for patients to find pain medication due to the pain medication shortage as well as the evolving rules and regulations that individual pharmacies have imposed. Dr. Gorrell will make available his forms and documents, his quality assurance manual, prior inspection reports, his curriculum vitae, criminal background report as well as a redacted patient record.

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New Year’s Resolution! Change to the best pain management Doctor or join our Suboxone program

We are still accepting new patients for a limited time only.  Call 352-224-3139 to schedule your appointment now.  Get healthier in 2013!  Be honest with yourself and your doctor.  Decide what is best for you and Doctor Gorrell is here to support you.  If you’re coming from a “pill mill” where the doctor has lost his license, and you know that you have a drug problem, make this the year where you get the destructive opioid addiction out of your life.  Take positive control by resetting your physiology with Suboxone.  You do not have to suffer and go through a cold turkey withdrawal.  This is rarely effective, and frequently people relapse.  We offer a multidisciplinary approach including medication management, physiological repair, and psychotherapy.  We refer to therapist in the community and work to create a customized program for our patients.

If your chronic pain patient in legitimate pain, Doctor Gorrell is a compassionate and caring physician who work hard to manage your pain.  Again a multidisciplinary approach will be created which is customized to your problem.  We offer interventional pain blocks, medication management, and referrals to orthopedic and spine surgery as indicated.  All FDA approved medications may be prescribed in our quest to control your pain.  We DO NOT OFFER A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  This is a ridiculous proposal!  We guarantee that you will see the doctor and he will listen to you.  We guarantee that you will be provided a complete physical exam.  We guarantee our best effort to treat patients to the standard of care and follow the best practices in medicine and in pain management.  We guarantee that you will be treated with respect  and dignity.  Exams are performed with clothing on but if you are ever uncomfortable, you can ask for a chaperone to be present in the room at any time. Currently, we accept Medicare and soon will be on the panel with simply healthcare.  Call now before the slots for new patients are filled.

Suboxone maintenance and detox protocols at The Gorrell Institute!

Act now to get in and start the process of getting off opiates! To be a candidate, you must be tapered down to a moderate/low level of opiates equivalent to about 30 mg of methadone a day.  The cost is only $350 for the 1st months worth of visits which usually takes 3 to 4 office visits on average and follow-up monthly maintenance visits are only $150.  This is a less expensive option considering how much time, energy, money and effort is spent on finding these medications and purchasing them if you do not really need to be on them. The shortage on all opiates is only getting worse as the DEA continues to clamp down on the supply.

More and more pain clinics are going out of business. If you have been in pain management and have realized that you have been taking opiates for the wrong reasons, come see us so we can begin to plan an exit strategy for you! Doctor Gorrell will personally meet with you and customize the plan to minimize your discomfort, make things affordable, and rebuild your neurochemistry so you can be off narcotics without suffering withdrawal symptoms and having chronic cravings for them. Because of the shortage of oxycodone and opiates which is driven by DEA action, it is actually cheaper and easier to find Suboxone! Call 352-224-3139 now!

JULY 1st Education Requirement For Pain Physicians

Springhill, FL June 14, 2012- Kelvin W Gorrell MD successfully passed his board certification in Pain Management with The American Board of Pain Medicine.  Dr. Gorrell already holds board certification in anesthesiology and completed his ten year renewal in July of 2011 with The American Board of Anesthesiology.  In addition to his board certifications, Dr. Gorrell has recently trained  to begin offering patients Suboxone therapy to patients with opiate addiction.  After July 1st , 2012  rule 64B8-9.0131 goes into effect for pain clinics in Florida.  Many pain clinics cannot meet this standard of education requirements for their physicians and will close.  Make sure that your physician is qualified and will continue to practice past July 1st.


64B8-9.0131 Training Requirements for Physicians Practicing in Pain Management Clinics.

Effective July 1, 2012, physicians who have not met the qualifications set forth in subsections (1) through (6), below, shall have successfully completed a pain medicine fellowship that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or a pain medicine residency that is accredited by ACGME. Prior to July 1, 2012, physicians prescribing or dispensing controlled substance medications in pain-management clinics registered pursuant to Section 458.3265, F.S., must meet one of the following qualifications:

(1) Board certification by a specialty board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and holds a sub-specialty certification in pain medicine;

(2) Board certification in pain medicine by the American Board of Pain Medicine (ABPM);

(3) Successful completion of a pain medicine fellowship that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or a pain medicine residency that is accredited by the ACGME;

(4)(a) Successful completion of a residency program in physical medicine and rehabilitation, anesthesiology, neurology, neurosurgery, family practice, internal medicine, orthopedics or psychiatry approved by the ACGME; or

(b) Sub-specialty certification in hospice and palliative medicine or geriatric medicine recognized by ABMS;

(5) Current staff privileges at a Florida-licensed hospital to practice pain medicine or perform pain medicine procedures;

(6) Three (3) years of documented full-time practice, which is defined as an average of 20 hours per week each year, in pain-management and, attendance and successful completion of 40 hours of in-person, live-participatory AMA Category I CME courses in pain management that address all the following subject areas:

(a) The goals of treating both short term and ongoing pain treatment;

(b) Controlled substance prescribing rules, including controlled substances agreements;

(c) Drug screening or testing, including usefulness and limitations;

(d) The use of controlled substances in treating short-term and ongoing pain syndromes, including usefulness and limitations;

(e) Evidenced-based non-controlled pharmacological pain treatments;

(f) Evidenced-based non-pharmacological pain treatments;

(g) A complete pain medicine history and a physical examination;

(h) Appropriate progress note keeping;

(i) Co-morbidities with pain disorders, including psychiatric and addictive disorders;

(j) Drug abuse and diversion, and prevention of same;

(k) Risk management; and

(l) Medical ethics.

In addition to the CME set forth in subsection (6) above, physicians must be able to document hospital privileges at a Florida-licensed hospital; practice under the direct supervision of a physician who is qualified in subsections (1) through (4) above; or have the practice reviewed by a Florida-licensed risk manager and document compliance with all recommendations of the risk management review.

(7) Upon completion of the 40 hours of CME set forth above, physicians qualifying under (6) above, must also document the completion of 15 hours of live lecture format, Category I CME in pain management for every year the physician is practicing pain management.

Rulemaking Authority 458.3265(4)(b) FS. Law Implemented 458.3265(4)(b) FS. History–New 5-17-11, Amended 5-28-12.

Dr. Gorrell has successfully met several of the qualifications and will continue to serve the Hernando County community by practicing interventional pain and wellness medicine using nutraceuticas and bio-equivalent hormone therapy at this office located at 5119 Commercial Way Spring Hill, FL  34606.  For more information, you can reach his office at 352-224-3139 or visit his website ###




Patients from Trident pain management/Trident wellness Center state that they are being rescheduled because there is no doctor available at present!

Today on Friday, May 25, 2012 at 10:30 AM, the phone number for Trident at 6131 US 19 New Port Richey, FL: 727-842-6900 was called several times. I was only able to get an answering machine. I was unable to get a live person on the phone. I’m in the process of verifying the above statement by several  new patients to our clinic. As a pain management physician, I’m concerned if any patients are unable to be seen every 30 days For their medication renewals as they are at risk of going into acute withdrawl. Additionally, they frequently must turn to the emergency rooms for usually a 5 day supply of medication or oftentimes no medication at all. The emergency room physicians are not able to properly manage chronic pain patients. We are. If you are having problems getting access to a pain management physician please call our office at 352-224-3139. We have appointments available today and a limited number of positions available for new patients in the future. Call now to schedule your appointment before the panel for new patients is closed! We accept Medicare and we are out a network with all other insurances at present but we will submit a billing claim form and if you have out-of-network benefits, they will pay at your out-of-network benefit rate. We are owned and operated by board-certified anesthesiologist. You should seek out a pain management clinic that is physician owned and operated so you can have continuity of care. You not be confused by Facilities that change their names from pain management to wellness centers because they are likely under the microscope and trying to skirt certain state laws go to sleep alone with


For new patients we require a six-month pharmacy transcript, your most recent CT or MRI reports, and the most recent 3 months of medical records from your current pain management provider. It is preferred you bring copies with you as this often speeds things up. But we still have to go through a document verification process where we are dependent on other facilities to respond to us. Initial visit therefore requires waiting for the documents to be verified which could take 3 to 4 hours unless you come a day in advance to start the process. We therefore request especially on initial visits that the patient comes alone. Please did not bring your significant other, children, etc. if at all possible.


We look forward to serving you and helping to stamp out pain in your life!

CVS Blacklists High Prescribing Pain Management Doctors

Unlike other Pain management clinics that are known to be “pill mills”, our office has not experienced difficulties from pharmacies  filling our patient’s medications. Recently there was an article that I came across in Tampa Bay Business Journal that touched the tip of the iceburg of challenges facing pain management physicians and their patients.  Click

Many Florida Pharmacists Deny Pain Patients Properly Prescribed Meds

 to see the original article.

The article states that the Florida Society of Pain Management Providers ( are aware and concerned about this growing issue. While I am not denying that pharmacists have a tough job and need to be vigilent, I agree with the article when it stated that some pharmacists are acting as vigilantes. I have had  heard of pharmacies  refusing to fill prescriptions that  were verified by phone.  I have had patients LIED TO and told that they couldn’t accept  valid prescriptions  or they were told they were out of the medication. I have been asked to supply patients MRI reports without any type of written release. In response to these requests I have asked them to send me a valid written request for the information on a HIPAA compliant release form which I am happy to supply since a pharmacist is not supposed to maintain a medical record on a patient! My concern is that these reports  May fall into the wrong hands. Not a single pharmacy has complied with MY request for a release. I get asked daily for  the diagnosis on patients. I have asked what for and have been told they will then determine if they feel that the patient needs the medication based off that information. I challenged them and asked them, isn’t this the job of the physician? Some patients have numerous diagnosis’ so is my office staff is supposed to randomly pick? or should they disturb me from the exam room where I am seeing another patient to ask me? If we state “osteoarthritis” are they supposed to just know the severity without any physical exam, prior medical record, history, or diagnostic tests that I utilize to determine if they “feel” the patient needs the medication? When I asked one pharmacist this and challenged him that some patients can be treated for this with exercise and tylenol while other patients are suffering with disabling pain due to the same illness he simply stated, “that’s a good point. Is that what this patient’s diagnosis is?” So you can see,  It is impossible for them to function beyond the scope of  their practice  as a pharmacist and now act as the physician overseer as well. I find it positively frightening to think that the power of the physician as a diagnostician and healer is being challenged at all levels. When I need treatment, I go to the doctor; not the pharmacist for a reason!

Patients are denied their valid prescription medication from these pharmacies that will sell the same patient alcohol or tobacco on their way out the door! Both Walgreens and CVS have made public positions against pain medication prescribers, especially medications like Oxycodone. I would like all patients that have been denied their medication or been harassed by a pharmacist to visit on how to sign the petition and report your grievance and file a DOH (Department of Health) complaint.

In my practice, I have implemented all the new rules and regulations and it is a struggle as the rules and regulations are changing so quickly and in a perfect world, I would love to only have to keep up with the challenge of medicine as treatments and medications change just as quickly. I will do my part to practice in the specialty I chose. I think law enforcement and lawyers should be the only ones practicing law and I believe the only people that should prescribe/monitor/change medications are physicians.

Bush Pain Clinic, Dr. Albert Ford, Detox and Pain Management, Dr. Keesel & Dr. McIntyre, of Century Pain Management among New Pain Clinic Closures!

I have had patients report to me recently that Bush Pain Clinc (Dr. Albert Ford), and Detox and Pain Management (Dr. Keesel) have both closed. Dr. McIntyre of Century Pain Management has closed as well.

When your pain clinic closes it is vital that you contact the sheriff office in the county of the pain clinic that closed as quickly as possible to obtain a copy of your medical record. Often times these clinics are closed and your record is seized for evidence. For another provider to provide continuity of care, it is important that you are able to provide a copy of your records to the next provider. The sherrif’s office is legally obligated to provide you with a copy of your records when this happens and the new pain doctor has a legal obligation to require you to provide a copy of these records.

I have seen patients that have gone to a new provider after their clinic has closed and then the clinic trys to reopen under the guise of being just “wellness” medicine. This is often just a way for the clinic to try to circumvent the law and the ordinances put into place by the state of Florida & the respective counties. Some of these clinics have called patients that have relocated and tried to entice them back. Unfortunately for these patients that go back, this strategy quickly catches up with these clinics and they are once again closed. The patients that were displaced sometimes try to return to the other physician that they established with in the interim and sometimes find themselves in violation of exlusive narcotic agreements and in some cases, now guilty of doctor shopping. Remember that the legal definition of doctor shopping is getting prescriptions for any DEA scheduled drugs from 2 or more different doctors without their knowledge. This includes benzodiazepines like Xanax, Valium, and Ativan which are schedule 4 drugs. If you are a pain patient, it is your responsibility to make sure that all doctors involved in your care are in communication with each other and are aware of everything that you’re being prescribed. This includes emergency room visits. If not, especially now that the statewide database is working, the database will flag you, and law enforcement will begin to investigate you for this charge.

If you are being treated at a pain management clinic, make sure that your clinic has all applicable licenses, and is compliant with local ordinances. Take it upon yourself to educate yourself. Take responsibility for receiving quality health care. And if you are a legitimate pain patient with a vilid pain issue, Come see us at the Gorrell Institute for pain management before the panel for new patients is closed. We can help!

Cyber Monday pain management special! $50 value call now! 352-224-3139

In honor of cyber Monday, the Gorrell Institute will give all new pain management patients a free in office (quantitative)* urine drug screen with the purchase of an initial office visit for $350. The normal cost of this service is $50. Call now and even if you’re not seen today, because you have registered for an initial patient office visit today, you will get the special.

If you are a legitimate pain management patient and  you have a valid Florida ID, we do have a limited number of new patient spaces available in our schedule. We suggest that you schedule with The Gorrell Institute at 352-224-3139 as soon as possible before the panel for new patients is closed.  Your goal should be to go to a pain management clinic that practices to the standard of care so you do not have to repeatedly pay for a initial office visit as well as the hassle and inconvenience of having to find a new doctor every few months.  We will work with you to maintain continuity of care. We currently accept Medicare and self-pay patients. If your insurance has out of network benefits, we will file an unassigned claim as a courtesy for you to be reimbursed by your insurer based on the out-of-network benefits in your contract.  We are not on the panel with Medicaid or with any HMOs. We guarantee that every patient will be seen by the doctor personally and he will give you his undivided attention.   Call now! 352-224-3139 if  You need help.


Fees will still apply for any send out labs.

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