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The future of medicine is now.  Living with chronic pain is very difficult, and people who suffer from chronic pain know how it can disrupt and damage their lives. It can make it difficult to enjoy even the simplest daily activities.  Dr. Gorrell seeks to maintain wellness in each of his patients and eliminate the cause of disease, the debilitating pain and the signs of aging.  Bring a youthful glow and energy back into your life with Doctor Gorrell.

What is Chronic Pain?
Chronic Pain is a constant pain that can last from a few months to many years. This relentless problem causes severe pain, sleep deprivation and even depression if it persists for a long period of time. Pain can be caused by injuries, types of diseases or weak bones and muscles. For instance, a common central nervous system disorder that causes great pain through the body is Fibromyalgia. Anyone can have chronic pain, but it is most common in middle-aged to older adults.

Dr. Gorrell also specialized in Anti-Aging Treatments. Doctor Gorrell customizes your antiaging program all the way down to the DNA level by sending a sample of your cells to the lab so that your vitamin and supplement program can be customized to your unique genetic makeup!

Why Do I Look So Old & Tired?
Today modern medicine realizes that different people with different bodies have different needs and therefore will manifest different diseases based on what nutritional, hormonal, and metabolic imbalances they have in their lives as well as what different exposures to toxins they have based on where they live and what type of career they have.

Did you know that many chronic diseases originating from the body’s failure to absorb specific nutrients are due to deficiencies in substances or a proper diet and exercise program in the person’s life, or due to too much stress.

When considering your body’s needs, one size truly does not fit all. Using sophisticated laboratory testing, medical history, lifestyle, and complete physical exam, Dr. Gorrell will analyze your body’s cellular metabolic processes and begin the fight against many chronic diseases, aging and pain with better nutrition.

I Need An Expert!
Dr. Gorrell has treated heart disease, obesity, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, chronic fatigue of aging and more. Loss of mental agility, loss of sexual vitality, and loss of memory can also be treated and cured with proper restoration of hormonal and nutritional balancing in the body.

Additionally, many people are allergic to certain foods and environmental toxins without even realizing it and as a result, untold diseases are manifesting in their bodies.

Stop living with debilitating chronic disease and the pain that is robbing you of the quality of your life. Come in and see Dr. Gorrell for your cure. With Dr. Gorrell you will get the nutritional and hormonal supplements you need so your body can obtain optimal health.  Stop taking someone else’s supplements, take your own custom blend!  Yes -

You can have your life back and Doctor Gorrell is here to help you today!


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