Happy St. Patrick’s Day from The Gorrell Institute! Your premier source for pain management and wellness in Tampa Bay Florida

We will be defending  our title tonight at the Center Club at a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. The Gorrell Institute team won last year at this special event featuring miniature golf using unique Putters like a pickax, a right angle ruler, or a cue stick. Our team of four thanks to the expert marksmanship of Stephan Hopple got many hole-in-one shots last year and won the event! The grand prize was the beautiful blue jacket all the way from Ireland. I still wear it to this day. I will be defending the title tonight and we will be fielding two teams instead of just one. So wish us good luck and stay tuned for future activities.


PS: we are proud to support habitat  for humanity and encourage you to also. PPS: don’t forget to give to the Red Cross of the victims in Japan. And call us if you need any healthcare services we will be open for business tomorrow morning starting at 10 AM.




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