Transitions Lifestyle System and TLS Shape Up now available! Lose weight now!

Merrilee Severino and Dr. Gorrell have just successfully completed the transition certification training in Orlando Florida May 13 through the 15th 2011! We are looking for 20 motivated adults  who are disciplined and really want to improve their health, and involve themselves in a  science-based weight management program that  in just 12 weeks will teach you optimal health via a sustainable lifestyle change! The program requires a typical commitment of $200 per month. Weekly training classes at the Gorrell Institute are optional for those who live far away. Call 352-224-3139 for more information. Transitions will succeed where other programs have failed!  This was proven in a research study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Overtime, the weight loss our patients experience will reverse  diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease as well as and alleviate joint pain.

Additionally, we are looking for 10 children between the ages of nine and 18 years old who need to lose weight for the TLS shape up program which is specifically designed for  School-aged children and their families to work as a coaching team for the betterment of their children’s health. See flyers attached below.


I have gone from a size 26/28 to a size 14/16, a 4x to L! I had to learn that I was not a failure at dieting- in fact I was an expert at dieting but failed at losing weight because my diets programmed me to fail! …-Charlotte Israel   Come see Dr Gorrell & learn how to still play the lose/gain game; but now learn how to lose the fat, gain the muscle & get back your life! You will be a winner!


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