Tai chi expert Bob Ong teaches At 9:30 AM today at the Sun and Moon yoga center in Dade city Florida & Women’s self-defense Sunday, March 13, 2011!

Great news, I will be assisting Bob Ong a renowned local tai chi expert who is trained in the tradition of the Shaolin Temple, that the teaching of a women’s self-defense class it will be  starting today at the Sun and Moon yoga studio 14522  7th St. in downtown Dade city Florida. The phone number there is 352-424-3079. The special three-week course on women’s self-defense started on Sunday, March 6 from 1 PM to 2 PM and will continue for three weeks (March 13, March 20) at the same time. It is a real bargain at $35 per class are $85 if you can attend the full course. It is so important for women to have a class like this where they can learn the essentials of how to protect themselves when they are alone walking to their cars. Or possibly alone in the elevator with a stranger. Unfortunately, the police are not always there to protect us we must know the essentials of self-defense and this is what this course teaches. I urge you to come to the ongoing tai chi class starring Bob Ong that meets every Saturday from 930 to 10:30 AM. It is a moving meditation based on ancient martial arts that is low impact and safe for all fitness levels. We have even had students who were in a wheelchair or stand in the class with their walker! So you have no excuse come on down if you want to be healed.

Tai chi is a traditional Oriental martial art but also a great form of exercise that can be done by people of all fitness levels and will help them improve their muscle strength, balance, flexibility and mental clarity. The mind lives within the body in order to have a healthy mind that does not suffer the ravages of Alzheimer’s or dementia as we age, we must maintain physical fitness and activity. In addition this, most people want to lose weight and unfortunately most people especially women, try to diet alone to lose weight and do not add exercise to it! This is like hopping around town on one leg and trying to get somewhere! It is very difficult and frustrating. Beside the special class today, I personally endorse the Sun and Moon yoga studio because of the excellence of the quality of the instructors especially the founder Nancy Harmony. She is a certified yoga instructor with many years of experience who can even customize your yoga training to integrate the repair of medical problems that you already have in your life (i.e. chronic low back pain, arthritis problems etc.). So in other words, you can safely do  yoga even if you have bad knees or chronic low back pain etc.

PS: Dade city is very close to Tampa only a scenic 40 min. drive away. Once you come here, enjoy the fantastic restaurants and antique stores. There are many craft fairs that occur and there is a antique car show that occurs the first Saturday of every month.


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