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Suboxone maintenance and detox protocols at The Gorrell Institute!

Act now to get in and start the process of getting off opiates! To be a candidate, you must be tapered down to a moderate/low level of opiates equivalent to about 30 mg of methadone a day.  The cost is only $350 for the 1st months worth of visits which usually takes 3 to 4 office visits on average and follow-up monthly maintenance visits are only $150.  This is a less expensive option considering how much time, energy, money and effort is spent on finding these medications and purchasing them if you do not really need to be on them. The shortage on all opiates is only getting worse as the DEA continues to clamp down on the supply.

More and more pain clinics are going out of business. If you have been in pain management and have realized that you have been taking opiates for the wrong reasons, come see us so we can begin to plan an exit strategy for you! Doctor Gorrell will personally meet with you and customize the plan to minimize your discomfort, make things affordable, and rebuild your neurochemistry so you can be off narcotics without suffering withdrawal symptoms and having chronic cravings for them. Because of the shortage of oxycodone and opiates which is driven by DEA action, it is actually cheaper and easier to find Suboxone! Call 352-224-3139 now!

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