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I get asked all the time, what does that mean? It is a wellness plan targeted at keeping you healthy, youthful, and full of vitality. I like to say it is prolonging the “hang-time” on your life. Feeling youthful without the weight problems and aches and pains of our thirties, fourties and fifties. No longer do you have to feel “over the hill” when you are over thirty. Come on in and it is my determined pledge to you that we will work on pushing that hill back. If you have attended one of my Wed sessions, you are one step closer to your wellness. In October, we will do free health lectures on Trouble Sleeping?, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Cleansing and Dexotifying Your System. Call the office for schedule and seating availability. When a patient comes for an anti-aging consult, it is a very extensive health history and planning session. I may order some diagnositic tests. We will make an individualized plan custom for you to start you on right away. Some things that we can safely correct are sleeping disorders, weight gain, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, low testosterone, stress, fine lines and wrinkles, and mood swings to name a few. It is a life changing experience. Another question that I am asked frequently is, does my insurance cover this? Some do, some do not. We promote healthy, safe alternatives such as bioidentical hormones, stress reduction techniques including yoga and tai chi, nutracuticals, and all natural weight loss. I also offer cosmecuticals in my office which include Botox (currently on special at $10 per unit), Juvederm and Restylane. I am currently in the process of credentialing with insurance plans now that the construction on the office is complete. If you are interested in more information, have questions on how I can help, or if you would like to make an appointment for today please call 352-224-3139. We also offer Botox parties and health party plans. We will be doing our monthly drawing some time today, so make sure you have opted in for our monthly drawing.


Enter Raffle for a free Botox Treatment!

We will be launching a special rate of $10/ unit and if you bring a friend for treatment we will give you $1.00 off PER UNIT.  In addition for our launch, you will have the opportunity to try Pentaxyl (a cosmeceutical product from our Nutrametrix line which stimulates collagen growth & heals in fine lines & wrinkles) for FREE.  The tube of Pentaxyl which will last for about 6 months retails for $75.  Anyone receiving a treatment today will receive a complimentary application.  Pentaxyl synergizes nicely with Botox and helps to smooth those fine lines and wrinkles.  Similar products are sold in Dillards for over $150. Opt in now and get SPECIAL INVITATIONS  and keep up with our special events and activities by sending your email address.

Nutraceuticals, Beauty From The Inside Out Or Botox For Immediate Results!

Announcing my new specials at 3939 Cheval Blvd in Tampa/Lutz FL!  Botox for the full forehead is $250 & for crow’s feet is $200!  Call today for an appointment! Brings friends for a party and everyone will get a special $9/unit price! Come join our kick off party on Friday April 9th at 2 pm.  Click on the Nutrametrix logo to take a FREE nutraphysical for all my recommendations for your customized nutritional needs.  Beauty begins on the inside and without proper nutritional supplementation you are working on a foundation of quicksand.

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