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Walgreens and their Secret Checklist

Recently, we opened up our doors and invited the local pharmacists to come and visit our practice. We had three pharmacies take us up on our offer and stopped by. I would like to thank Cortez Drugs, Seven Hills Pharmacy, and Pinebrook Pharmacy for taking the time out of their day and coming to visit our office. We did this mostly because of patients that have complained that Walgreens had refused to fill their prescription(s) and inferred that it had something to do with Dr. Gorrell.

We came across and interesting article that reveals the selective process Walgreens has been using to choose whom they will fill and whom they will not fill for.

We want to encourage patients that have been denied their medications by Walgreens to file a complaint.


Patients from Trident pain management/Trident wellness Center state that they are being rescheduled because there is no doctor available at present!

Today on Friday, May 25, 2012 at 10:30 AM, the phone number for Trident at 6131 US 19 New Port Richey, FL: 727-842-6900 was called several times. I was only able to get an answering machine. I was unable to get a live person on the phone. I’m in the process of verifying the above statement by several  new patients to our clinic. As a pain management physician, I’m concerned if any patients are unable to be seen every 30 days For their medication renewals as they are at risk of going into acute withdrawl. Additionally, they frequently must turn to the emergency rooms for usually a 5 day supply of medication or oftentimes no medication at all. The emergency room physicians are not able to properly manage chronic pain patients. We are. If you are having problems getting access to a pain management physician please call our office at 352-224-3139. We have appointments available today and a limited number of positions available for new patients in the future. Call now to schedule your appointment before the panel for new patients is closed! We accept Medicare and we are out a network with all other insurances at present but we will submit a billing claim form and if you have out-of-network benefits, they will pay at your out-of-network benefit rate. We are owned and operated by board-certified anesthesiologist. You should seek out a pain management clinic that is physician owned and operated so you can have continuity of care. You not be confused by Facilities that change their names from pain management to wellness centers because they are likely under the microscope and trying to skirt certain state laws go to sleep alone with


For new patients we require a six-month pharmacy transcript, your most recent CT or MRI reports, and the most recent 3 months of medical records from your current pain management provider. It is preferred you bring copies with you as this often speeds things up. But we still have to go through a document verification process where we are dependent on other facilities to respond to us. Initial visit therefore requires waiting for the documents to be verified which could take 3 to 4 hours unless you come a day in advance to start the process. We therefore request especially on initial visits that the patient comes alone. Please did not bring your significant other, children, etc. if at all possible.


We look forward to serving you and helping to stamp out pain in your life!

Florida PDMP Prescription Drug Monitoring

October marks and important time for implementation of the Prescription Drug Monitoring system for providers.  We have been approved for access which will help speed up the verification process for patients.

The Goals of the Prescription Drug Monitoring  Program (PDMP)

  1. Support access to legitimate medical use of controlled substances
  2. Help identify and deter or prevent drug abuse and diversion
  3. Facilitate and encourage the identification, intervention with and treatment of persons addicted to prescription drugs by health care practitioners
  4. Help inform public health and safety initiatives through the outlining of use and abuse trends of controlled prescription drugs
  5. Help educate individuals about PDMPs and the use, abuse and diversion of and addiction to controlled prescription drugs

you can find more info at:

Pain management is a unique and misunderstood specialty.  We struggle to make sure that our patients are educated to the process so that they do not get the wrong impression when they go thru the intake process.  Due to regulatory processes and Dr. Gorrell’s demand for high standards of care, we are required to do a thorough examination of ALL new patient documentation and collection of information includes sending out HIPPA compliant release of information (ROI) request to all sources of information unless we receive the information faxed direct from the source to us.  Examples include the most recent MRI or CT report from the radiology company & the most recent 2 months of medical records from the prior pain management Dr. This process can sometimes be time consuming because we are at the mercy of the other entity to get this information back to us in a timely manner.  It helps save time when patients come in a day or so prior to their appointment to sign any releases we may need.  When a patient comes for their initial appointment, our intake process involves a thorough history and physical.  Our staff and Dr. Gorrell want to make sure that you get the care and attention that you deserve, so access to the drug monitoring database and being provided documentation direct from the source will allow us more efficient use of your time as well as ours.

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