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Now available to provide anesthesia services to the Tampa, Orlando, area, Locums, ASC, MAC

Dr Gorrell is currently surveying doctors & dentist in the Tampa Bay area to see if they are interested in providing a safer, less painful experience to their patients that also decreases anxiety. He is now offering office based sedation. In the past many procedures had to be done in the hospital or ambulatory surgery center where they charge thousands of dollars in fees. But by giving the dentist or the doctor the ability to perform painful procedures in their own office, we can cut or completely eliminate facility fees, saving the patient while simultaneously increasing convenience.

The patients and their families are more comfortable going to the dentist or doctor’s office rather than going to a unfamiliar hospital or surgicenter. They know the staff, have easy access to parking, can arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled procedure, instead of hours before and go home usually within an hour after the procedure, instead of hours later.

Dentists and doctors love the idea that they don’t have to waste time driving back and forth from their office to the hospital or surgicenter. It’s more convenient not having to pack up specialty equipment they might need, risking damage or loss. They can stay in touch with their patients as we prepare and recover the patient.

Kelvin W Gorrell MD PA provides safe comprehensive anesthesia care in the Tampa Bay area, for dental, medical, and surgical doctors and their offices. Technological improvements in anesthetic drugs and techniques have made it safer than ever to get anesthesia. The Institute of Medicine reported in 1999 that anesthesia is nearly “50 times safer than it was in the 1980s”. We can deliver MAC (IV sedation), regional or general anesthesia that is appropriate for the patient and the procedure. The anesthesia option chosen will be based on the physical condition of the patient, type of surgery, and other factors. Call or text Dr Gorrell to schedule a appointment at 813-468-3726.


Boston, MA October 2017 ASA meeting


Dr Gorrell Renews His 10 Year Anesthesia Board Certification

Dr. Gorrell renewed his Anesthesia Board Certification in July of 2011 with The American Board of Anesthesiology (  MOCA, or Maintenance of Certification, originated with the American Board of Medical Specialties in 1999.  The ongoing Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment, continual assessment of Professional Standing (medical licensure), periodic assessments of Practice Performance and decennial assessment of Cognitive Expertise allow physicians the opportunity to improve their skills in six general competencies – Medical Knowledge; Patient Care; Practice-Based Learning and Improvement; Professionalism; Interpersonal and Communication Skills; and Systems-Based Practice.  By implementing these activities, Dr. Gorrell has demonstrated his commitment to quality clinical outcomes and patient safety.

Dr. Gorrell offers anesthesia services (as locum tenens), pain management (including interventional pain management), and wellness/functional medicine.

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