Sunday July 24, 2011 at 4:30 PM Transitions Lifestyle Systems Meetup at the Gorrell Institute!

Call 1-800-788-1444 to RSVP for the special meeting with Dr. Gorrell. You will not want to miss the opportunity to meet with other people, share your successes, and learn why your inability to lose weight is not your fault. The root cause of obesity in America is a metabolic malnutrition. Until this is fixed and understood, you cannot lose weight. Come learn step-by-step how to be a success and not a failure. Every class includes a question and answer session at the end. That’s like getting a free consult with Dr. Gorrell. The classes are five dollars with an RSVP and $10 at the door. This program is based on the principles of low glycemic index eating making it safe for diabetics and those with heart disease. It helps the body heal itself and in the process people have seen these conditions dramatically improve and sometimes go away completely. Transitions Lifestyle System® is a complete weight management system that encompasses low-glycemic eating, body composition and behavior modification. This is an easy-to-follow, enjoyable system that includes daily journaling, behavior modification, education, nutraceutical supplements that  allow the body to reset its metabolism.

PS: the staff is looking for 20 responsible adults and 10 responsible school-aged children who are committed to losing weight. There will be part of the certified coaching program and receive VIP attention. Before-and-after pictures will be taken, as well as body fat tape measurements and a electronic percent body fat measured. If you follow the simple research proven process, your success is guaranteed. It’s like going to AAA in getting the roadmaps with the path clearly marked for you so you can get  from A to B without getting lost!


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