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If you suffer from chronic pain then you know that pain is in control of your life and keeps you from living to the fullest!  Even worse, it is impossible to find a great pain doctor who really cares & will spend time to understand your pain. Most doctors even in pain management are afraid to prescribe adequate amounts of medication; or what has worked for you in the past; even to legitimate patients; due to fear of the new state law. Or due to the thought that their patients will become addicts. Although pain medication isn’t always the solution, in some cases it is a necessary component of a comprehensive pain management program. This is especially true when the doctor has the skills to customize it with diet, exercise, weight-management, the correct muscle relaxant, NSAID’s & wellness advice.

Many of the doctors who do prescribe adequate amounts of pain medication do so indiscriminately, often leading to their being closed down by the DEA. Others force patients to get blocks before they will prescribe medications.   Always ask your clinic doctor if they are in compliance with new state law of October 1, 2010? All clinics must be MD owned, not by a chiropractor & assigned a clinic licensce # by the state of Florida. Additionally, the clinic must be registered & in compliance with all county ordinances for that particular county. So you won’t loose your hard earned money that you paid for your initial visit like other people when their clinic is closed for their follow ups and their records are frozen! For example, read this article Is this the kind of place you want to be affiliated with?  Folks loose their records and their money after they paid for a initial visit! The smart patients  pay the extra for quality & to see Dr Gorrell, a board certified anesthesiologist!

Up to 56 million American adults (28% of the adult population) have chronic pain.

* 16 million experience low-back pain
* 48 million have arthritis
* 25 million have migraine pain
* 20 million have jaw and lower-facial pain
* 4 million have neuropathic pain

Many people have lived with pain for 5+ years and experience it almost six days per week.

Younger people are as likely to experience chronic pain as are older people.

One-third of Americans lose 20 hours of sleep a month because of pain.

Doctor Gorrell is committed to get you back on track to health, vitality and an energetic life where you can enjoy all of the things you are missing now due to your pain.

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Notes: Statistics via Research!America report.


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  • Kathleen Brower:

    I’ve been treated for chronic pain since 1990.
    My initial injury took place in 1987. Surgery was recommended which followed in 1988 with no relief.
    1990 attended a comprehensive neurobehavioral pain management program with significant improvement which allowed me to start a new care error as a licensed therapeutic massage therapist. I was able to provide significant relief to others as I had received, when after 8 years I aquired intra ocular shingles. This left me physically unable to continue working.
    With intense pain to my R eye from forming blisters, it continued deeper into my blood which caused my body not to produce immune globulin on its own so after many years without proper treat, I finally was started on immune globulin which eventually allowed me to fight off infections and to be able to gradually regain a limited quality of life for which I am grateful.
    I continue to deal with inadequate chronic pain relief. I’ve had 2 laminectomy L4,5and S1 with little relief and in 2013 had a lumbar fusion surgery. Initially I received good pain relief. I should mention, prior to this last surgery in 2008 I had a fentynal pump put in , which initially worked well till I suddenly needed the pump removed do to sudden onset of meningitis.
    I’ve since had medication therapy offered with no other modalities available.
    I struggle with extremely low energy levels and am in search of a comprehensive treatment program that would help me to regain some resemblance of a quality of life that I’ve not had for many years. I also have been told I have fibromyalgia as well.
    If you feel you and your facility may be able to help me, please allow me to attend your facility for treatment.
    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


    Kathleen A Brower
    727 -845-5450

  • Sorry, no longer doing pain mgt & leaving the state

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