Gene SNP DNA analysis $395 value for $295; only four left in stock!

Create a Gene SNP healthcare action plan today with this unique kit. Your DNA analysis will provide a personalized set of recommendations to support, improve your health and likely extend your life. After your DNA and online customer questionnaire of lifestyle choices is analyzed, you will receive a customized gene SNP action plan of steps you can take to improve your health. You can learn what lifestyle choices you are currently making are causing you to have obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Conversely you can learn about things you can do differently to improve these conditions. Learn about how diet, lifestyle, exercise and choice nutraceuticals can turn on genes that promote health and cause diseases to go into remission. This unique offer is only available directly through the office and once the last four are sold the $100 discount will no longer apply! Call now: 352-224-3139 and you can either come in to pick up the kit or we can mail it to you overnight. A volume discount is available if you and your significant other would like to get the kit; we will offer 2 kits for $500.

This program is unique and is only for those who want to be proactive about their health and wellness. It is for those who accept the fact that their actions influence how long they live and that lifespan is modifiable. Just as a smoker does not live as long as a non-smoker, one who eats fatty meat and avoids fruits and vegetables also statistically dies prematurely. This is just the tip of the iceberg of a new field of medicine that the gene SNP DNA analysis calls upon and this is also the first nutrikinesio test that we are aware of that provides detailed actionable steps. These range all the way from foods you can eat differently, exercises that you can do differently and supplements that you can take to improve your health.


Accepting new chronic pain management patients. In network with Medicare, simply healthcare and others coming soon.

Call now: 352-224-3139 and we can begin the process of transferring your care to The Gorrell Institute. Doctor Gorrell is a compassionate, caring physician who is also a diplomat of the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine. He studies extensively in complementary, wellness medicine and is also a board-certified anesthesiologists with training in interventional pain management techniques. As the DEA continues to restrict the supply of narcotics to the state of FL, alternative pain management techniques become increasingly important. It is important to meet with a physician with training in Nutraceuticals, bio identical hormones and other alternative medicine modalities so you can get the optimal pain control that you deserve.

We do also accept self-pay patients. The initial visit costs $350 and follow-ups are $150. We offer Suboxone detox with the 1st month consisting of 3 to 4 visits with the physician and costing overall in the ballpark of $350. Follow-up months will only cost $150. Medication for the cash they price is about $200 for one month supply and the manufacturer offers a $50 discount card that is reusable for an entire year. This is much cheaper than an inpatient facility which may cause anywhere from $10,000-$20,000 per month.

New Year’s Resolution! Change to the best pain management Doctor or join our Suboxone program

We are still accepting new patients for a limited time only.  Call 352-224-3139 to schedule your appointment now.  Get healthier in 2013!  Be honest with yourself and your doctor.  Decide what is best for you and Doctor Gorrell is here to support you.  If you’re coming from a “pill mill” where the doctor has lost his license, and you know that you have a drug problem, make this the year where you get the destructive opioid addiction out of your life.  Take positive control by resetting your physiology with Suboxone.  You do not have to suffer and go through a cold turkey withdrawal.  This is rarely effective, and frequently people relapse.  We offer a multidisciplinary approach including medication management, physiological repair, and psychotherapy.  We refer to therapist in the community and work to create a customized program for our patients.

If your chronic pain patient in legitimate pain, Doctor Gorrell is a compassionate and caring physician who work hard to manage your pain.  Again a multidisciplinary approach will be created which is customized to your problem.  We offer interventional pain blocks, medication management, and referrals to orthopedic and spine surgery as indicated.  All FDA approved medications may be prescribed in our quest to control your pain.  We DO NOT OFFER A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  This is a ridiculous proposal!  We guarantee that you will see the doctor and he will listen to you.  We guarantee that you will be provided a complete physical exam.  We guarantee our best effort to treat patients to the standard of care and follow the best practices in medicine and in pain management.  We guarantee that you will be treated with respect  and dignity.  Exams are performed with clothing on but if you are ever uncomfortable, you can ask for a chaperone to be present in the room at any time. Currently, we accept Medicare and soon will be on the panel with simply healthcare.  Call now before the slots for new patients are filled.

Suboxone maintenance and detox protocols at The Gorrell Institute!

Act now to get in and start the process of getting off opiates! To be a candidate, you must be tapered down to a moderate/low level of opiates equivalent to about 30 mg of methadone a day.  The cost is only $350 for the 1st months worth of visits which usually takes 3 to 4 office visits on average and follow-up monthly maintenance visits are only $150.  This is a less expensive option considering how much time, energy, money and effort is spent on finding these medications and purchasing them if you do not really need to be on them. The shortage on all opiates is only getting worse as the DEA continues to clamp down on the supply.

More and more pain clinics are going out of business. If you have been in pain management and have realized that you have been taking opiates for the wrong reasons, come see us so we can begin to plan an exit strategy for you! Doctor Gorrell will personally meet with you and customize the plan to minimize your discomfort, make things affordable, and rebuild your neurochemistry so you can be off narcotics without suffering withdrawal symptoms and having chronic cravings for them. Because of the shortage of oxycodone and opiates which is driven by DEA action, it is actually cheaper and easier to find Suboxone! Call 352-224-3139 now!

Merrilee Severino’s Certified Professional Coder exam prep Class Sat 9/22/12 9AM at Fortis College 6565 Ulmerton Rd Largo, FL

Learn from the master! Ms Severino, founder & CEO of Ms Physician’s Practice & Revenue Consulting will personally teach this class. She has over 25 years experience & will make the subject matter exciting & memorable. This will increase your chances of passing the test on the first try. Participation fee is only $50.00 for member of AAPC and $75 for non-members. Class is from 9AM to 3PM.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Sample questions with answers and reasoning
  • Overview of CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS books
  • where and how to quickly find the information you need
  • Book preparation – what is and what is not allowed
  • Allowed reference materials
  • Test taking tactics
  • Time management
  • Supplies – what is needed and what is allowed
  • Examination – what to expect
  • Overview of Medical Terminology and Anatomy
  • Exam results – when to expect

Ms Severino is a speaker who is in demand nationally & just returned from speaking at the national

Physician Office Managers Association of America

(POMAA) meeting in Nashville, TN where she was one of the keynote speakers on Thursday, 9/20/12. She also just got her Certified Medical Management Practitioner from the Center For Individual Excellence. This credential is in addition to her CPC, CPM, & NAAC certifications. RSVP with Merrilee at or call (727) 408-0225.

Please bring current CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS books! Pay at the door. Please make checks/money orders payable to: St Petersburg, FL LC Of AAPC. Credit card orders must be done by the group treasurer. Ask Merrilee how.

PS: Check out Merrilee’s new corp website: Tell her how you like it?

PPS: Are you currently using the Official CPC Certification Study Guide offered by AAPC? YES  NO

Dr. Gorrell speaks at the AAPC meeting Saturday, September 8.0 at the St. Pete Marriott

The American Academy of professional coders is having a fantastic chapter seminar today which starts 7:15 AM.  It is their local billing and coding symposium and you can get 7 CEU’s!  If you are practice manager,  Biller, coder,   healthcare provider, or a physician who wants to better understand where the money comes from and how to get paid, you need to be there.

There will be a vendor booth section as well and people are coming from as far away as Miami!  See speaker roster below and I urge you to become a certified professional coder and certified practice manager if you’re not on yet.  It is only way to get paid with the insurance companies continuing to restrict reimbursements.  Remember if you are a physician, all billing and coding errors are done under your license.  If there is an error, it is considered  health care fraud.  If we charge you with Medicaid fraud, and successfully prosecute you.  Under new Florida law,  your license to practice.  So it is actually very important for you are someone from your staff to come to these type of events.  Also come to events like these to learn how to be audit proof when your RAC audit comes to her facility/physician’s office.

Subject: AAPC – Event Reminder – St Petersburg Fl

AAPC - Event Reminder Notification
Dear Merrilee Severino, CPC (01041099),The St Petersburg Florida chapter officers have requested that this event reminder be sent to you. Please refer to the details below.

Local Chapter Seminar
Start Date: Sep 08, 2012
Start Time: 7:15AM
Location: St Pete Annual Billing and Coding Symposium
12600 Roosevelt Blvd N
St Pete, FL 33716
Directions: St. Petersburg Marriott
Contact: Merrilee Severino
Contact Phone: 727-408-0225
Contact Email:
CEUs: 7.00
Seminar Presentations
Start Presenter Topic CEUs
Sep 8 2012 8:00AM John Bishop, PA, CPC, CGSC, CPRC Auditing From A Clinicians Perspective 1.00
Sep 8 2012 9:00AM Arlene Morrow, CPC, CMM, CMSCS Linking Medical Necessity to the Complexity of Decision Making 1.00
Sep 8 2012 10:15AM Virginia Long Challenges in the Future 1.00
Sep 8 2012 11:15AM Demekisa Davis, DOM Alternative Medicine 1.00
Sep 8 2012 12:15PM Zoe Pine, CPC CODING GAMES 1.00
Sep 8 2012 1:15PM Kelvin Gorrell, MD Prolonged Services 1.00
Sep 8 2012 2:15PM Dr Jennifer Hayes Robotics in GYN surgery 1.00


Best regards,

AAPC on behalf of the St Petersburg Florida chapter. If you have any questions about this event, contact the St Petersburg Florida chapter officers.
Upholding a Higher Standard

If you are having troubles updating your preferences via the website, you may also contact AAPC directly by calling 1-800-626-CODE (2633).

Thought for the day:

Self-diagnosis is
definitely overrated!Moral to the story:

Come see Dr. Gorrell

instead :-)


Skip the RNC! Pampered Chef, 31 purses and NutraMetrix Open House at The Gorrell Institute Today! 8/29/12 @ 6:30PM!

RSVP now at 352-224-3139 and join us for a fun night of shopping, eating & socializing! There will be a Thirty One Purse demo by the legendary Kim Fanning and a Pampered Chef recipe demo of dark chocolate and fruit  fondue & Asian chicken salad by the world famous Merrilee Severino! As a added bonus, there will be the opportunity for the first guests to arrive to sample NutraMetrix OPC 3, calcium, and ultimate aloe versus a competitor! A brief presentation about bio identical hormones and how wellness medicine combined with nutraceuticals cured Merrilee’s infertility problems after 39 years & resulted in our miracle baby Amy Beth Gorrell’s birth will be presented by Dr. Gorrell, Tampa Bay’s premier antiaging and pain management Doctor!  Meet  Amy Beth Gorrell 1.0! (she just had  her 1st birthday on July 28!) You will learn how wellness medicine can reverse many chronic medical conditions, even curing them,  and prolong your life.  It can even making you look 10 years younger and live 10 years longer minimum on average. RSVP required as seating is limited. Call now! 352-224-3139.

Malcom C Foster MD Office is closing

Patients of Malcom C Foster, M.D. located at 10130 US Hwy 19 Port Richey, FL  34668 (727) 861-1875 will need to find a new physician.  Our office has confirmed with them the closure of their practice.  Please make sure to locate a new physician as quickly as possible so they may fax a records request.  They will continue to process the requests as quickly as they can, when offices close there is a huge workload of copying and sending medical records and that can take some time.  Your new physician may require these before you are seen so do not wait until your appointment, ask to send request asap.

JULY 1st Education Requirement For Pain Physicians

Springhill, FL June 14, 2012- Kelvin W Gorrell MD successfully passed his board certification in Pain Management with The American Board of Pain Medicine.  Dr. Gorrell already holds board certification in anesthesiology and completed his ten year renewal in July of 2011 with The American Board of Anesthesiology.  In addition to his board certifications, Dr. Gorrell has recently trained  to begin offering patients Suboxone therapy to patients with opiate addiction.  After July 1st , 2012  rule 64B8-9.0131 goes into effect for pain clinics in Florida.  Many pain clinics cannot meet this standard of education requirements for their physicians and will close.  Make sure that your physician is qualified and will continue to practice past July 1st.


64B8-9.0131 Training Requirements for Physicians Practicing in Pain Management Clinics.

Effective July 1, 2012, physicians who have not met the qualifications set forth in subsections (1) through (6), below, shall have successfully completed a pain medicine fellowship that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or a pain medicine residency that is accredited by ACGME. Prior to July 1, 2012, physicians prescribing or dispensing controlled substance medications in pain-management clinics registered pursuant to Section 458.3265, F.S., must meet one of the following qualifications:

(1) Board certification by a specialty board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and holds a sub-specialty certification in pain medicine;

(2) Board certification in pain medicine by the American Board of Pain Medicine (ABPM);

(3) Successful completion of a pain medicine fellowship that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or a pain medicine residency that is accredited by the ACGME;

(4)(a) Successful completion of a residency program in physical medicine and rehabilitation, anesthesiology, neurology, neurosurgery, family practice, internal medicine, orthopedics or psychiatry approved by the ACGME; or

(b) Sub-specialty certification in hospice and palliative medicine or geriatric medicine recognized by ABMS;

(5) Current staff privileges at a Florida-licensed hospital to practice pain medicine or perform pain medicine procedures;

(6) Three (3) years of documented full-time practice, which is defined as an average of 20 hours per week each year, in pain-management and, attendance and successful completion of 40 hours of in-person, live-participatory AMA Category I CME courses in pain management that address all the following subject areas:

(a) The goals of treating both short term and ongoing pain treatment;

(b) Controlled substance prescribing rules, including controlled substances agreements;

(c) Drug screening or testing, including usefulness and limitations;

(d) The use of controlled substances in treating short-term and ongoing pain syndromes, including usefulness and limitations;

(e) Evidenced-based non-controlled pharmacological pain treatments;

(f) Evidenced-based non-pharmacological pain treatments;

(g) A complete pain medicine history and a physical examination;

(h) Appropriate progress note keeping;

(i) Co-morbidities with pain disorders, including psychiatric and addictive disorders;

(j) Drug abuse and diversion, and prevention of same;

(k) Risk management; and

(l) Medical ethics.

In addition to the CME set forth in subsection (6) above, physicians must be able to document hospital privileges at a Florida-licensed hospital; practice under the direct supervision of a physician who is qualified in subsections (1) through (4) above; or have the practice reviewed by a Florida-licensed risk manager and document compliance with all recommendations of the risk management review.

(7) Upon completion of the 40 hours of CME set forth above, physicians qualifying under (6) above, must also document the completion of 15 hours of live lecture format, Category I CME in pain management for every year the physician is practicing pain management.

Rulemaking Authority 458.3265(4)(b) FS. Law Implemented 458.3265(4)(b) FS. History–New 5-17-11, Amended 5-28-12.

Dr. Gorrell has successfully met several of the qualifications and will continue to serve the Hernando County community by practicing interventional pain and wellness medicine using nutraceuticas and bio-equivalent hormone therapy at this office located at 5119 Commercial Way Spring Hill, FL  34606.  For more information, you can reach his office at 352-224-3139 or visit his website ###




The Gorrell Institute’s Open House from 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday, June 2, 2012! With Bonus Pampered Chef show starting at 12 o’clock! Among the exciting things to do in Tampa Bay, Spring Hill, Brooksville, today!

A fun time will be had by all! Meet, mix, mingle with the doctor, his staff, and family and learn how you can become in charge of your own health and wellness.  Learn how Dr. Gorrell can help you look and feel 10 years younger and live 10 or more years longer. Learn options for antiaging medicine as well as for pain management. There will be an opportunity to sample nutraceuticals that can extend your life!  Specifically, samples of ultimate aloe in Kiwi Strawberry versus a competitor aloe (Which taste terrible), our calcium plus with vitamin D3,   our OPC 3, and our delicious complete greens  (Other complete dreams taste like seaweed or algae! Yuck!) which taste like orange dream sickle and gives the value of 8 to 9 servings of green vegetables will be available until samples run out! So come early. Discussions will be had on how our lifestyle choices either shorten our life are extend our life.  Q&A sessions will occur intermittently throughout the day. There will be light refreshments served including chips and salsa from La Iguana Loca Mexican Restaurant.

Be there by noon so you can see the beginning of Merrilee Severino’s pampered Chef show! Learn how the right cooking tools can make your life faster, easier, more healthful and even fun. In this tough economy, you can save money by learning how to cook at home with the right equipment in a way that makes it even faster and cheaper than eating junk food away from home. Learn how to cook once a week for the entire week! This will save time and money. The pampered Chef tools are the single best way I know of to cook effectively, with nonstick surfaces, and simultaneously preserving the nutrient content of the foods you buy. On the menu today: cool veggie pizza, watermelon sherbet torte, and for dessert; Chocolate lava cake with cherry filling!

A $85 pampered chef  deep dish Baker will be raffled off after 1 PM and tickets are just a dollar each! You do not have to be present to win.

At the same time, consider visiting the Weeki Wachee Springs where the Hernando County Sheriff is hosting a hurricane preparedness event with free face painting, and popcorn for everyone. If you have any old prescription drugs they will be able to take some back there is well. They are just free blocks north of us on US 19.

Call Now! 352-224-3139

5119 Commercial Way,
Spring Hill, FL 34606

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