CVS Blacklists High Prescribing Pain Management Doctors

Unlike other Pain management clinics that are known to be “pill mills”, our office has not experienced difficulties from pharmacies  filling our patient’s medications. Recently there was an article that I came across in Tampa Bay Business Journal that touched the tip of the iceburg of challenges facing pain management physicians and their patients.  Click

Many Florida Pharmacists Deny Pain Patients Properly Prescribed Meds

 to see the original article.

The article states that the Florida Society of Pain Management Providers ( are aware and concerned about this growing issue. While I am not denying that pharmacists have a tough job and need to be vigilent, I agree with the article when it stated that some pharmacists are acting as vigilantes. I have had  heard of pharmacies  refusing to fill prescriptions that  were verified by phone.  I have had patients LIED TO and told that they couldn’t accept  valid prescriptions  or they were told they were out of the medication. I have been asked to supply patients MRI reports without any type of written release. In response to these requests I have asked them to send me a valid written request for the information on a HIPAA compliant release form which I am happy to supply since a pharmacist is not supposed to maintain a medical record on a patient! My concern is that these reports  May fall into the wrong hands. Not a single pharmacy has complied with MY request for a release. I get asked daily for  the diagnosis on patients. I have asked what for and have been told they will then determine if they feel that the patient needs the medication based off that information. I challenged them and asked them, isn’t this the job of the physician? Some patients have numerous diagnosis’ so is my office staff is supposed to randomly pick? or should they disturb me from the exam room where I am seeing another patient to ask me? If we state “osteoarthritis” are they supposed to just know the severity without any physical exam, prior medical record, history, or diagnostic tests that I utilize to determine if they “feel” the patient needs the medication? When I asked one pharmacist this and challenged him that some patients can be treated for this with exercise and tylenol while other patients are suffering with disabling pain due to the same illness he simply stated, “that’s a good point. Is that what this patient’s diagnosis is?” So you can see,  It is impossible for them to function beyond the scope of  their practice  as a pharmacist and now act as the physician overseer as well. I find it positively frightening to think that the power of the physician as a diagnostician and healer is being challenged at all levels. When I need treatment, I go to the doctor; not the pharmacist for a reason!

Patients are denied their valid prescription medication from these pharmacies that will sell the same patient alcohol or tobacco on their way out the door! Both Walgreens and CVS have made public positions against pain medication prescribers, especially medications like Oxycodone. I would like all patients that have been denied their medication or been harassed by a pharmacist to visit on how to sign the petition and report your grievance and file a DOH (Department of Health) complaint.

In my practice, I have implemented all the new rules and regulations and it is a struggle as the rules and regulations are changing so quickly and in a perfect world, I would love to only have to keep up with the challenge of medicine as treatments and medications change just as quickly. I will do my part to practice in the specialty I chose. I think law enforcement and lawyers should be the only ones practicing law and I believe the only people that should prescribe/monitor/change medications are physicians.


Interventional Endocrinology or Anti-Aging Medicine

I frequently get asked, “What is Anti-Aging Medicine?” My answer is: “In addition to being a board certified Anesthesiologist practicing intervential pain management, I am a diplomat of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. My passion is for regenerative functional medicine which is the marriage of scientific & medical research aimed at the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related decline.  It employs evidence-based methodologies to conduct patient assessments to find the metabolic root cause of disease.  It is a integrative, evidence-based approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the unique genetic aspects of each patient. A individually tailored intervention is created to restore physical, psychological, and structureal balance. Nutragenomic science is used. In other words, disease comes from the interaction of the patient’s you unique genetic makeup with nutritional and environmental factors. By focusing on the metabolic root cause of disease, a cure can be achieved, and optimal wellness approached instead of just mere disease management.

Florida PDMP Prescription Drug Monitoring

October marks and important time for implementation of the Prescription Drug Monitoring system for providers.  We have been approved for access which will help speed up the verification process for patients.

The Goals of the Prescription Drug Monitoring  Program (PDMP)

  1. Support access to legitimate medical use of controlled substances
  2. Help identify and deter or prevent drug abuse and diversion
  3. Facilitate and encourage the identification, intervention with and treatment of persons addicted to prescription drugs by health care practitioners
  4. Help inform public health and safety initiatives through the outlining of use and abuse trends of controlled prescription drugs
  5. Help educate individuals about PDMPs and the use, abuse and diversion of and addiction to controlled prescription drugs

you can find more info at:

Pain management is a unique and misunderstood specialty.  We struggle to make sure that our patients are educated to the process so that they do not get the wrong impression when they go thru the intake process.  Due to regulatory processes and Dr. Gorrell’s demand for high standards of care, we are required to do a thorough examination of ALL new patient documentation and collection of information includes sending out HIPPA compliant release of information (ROI) request to all sources of information unless we receive the information faxed direct from the source to us.  Examples include the most recent MRI or CT report from the radiology company & the most recent 2 months of medical records from the prior pain management Dr. This process can sometimes be time consuming because we are at the mercy of the other entity to get this information back to us in a timely manner.  It helps save time when patients come in a day or so prior to their appointment to sign any releases we may need.  When a patient comes for their initial appointment, our intake process involves a thorough history and physical.  Our staff and Dr. Gorrell want to make sure that you get the care and attention that you deserve, so access to the drug monitoring database and being provided documentation direct from the source will allow us more efficient use of your time as well as ours.

Dr Gorrell Renews His 10 Year Anesthesia Board Certification

Dr. Gorrell renewed his Anesthesia Board Certification in July of 2011 with The American Board of Anesthesiology (  MOCA, or Maintenance of Certification, originated with the American Board of Medical Specialties in 1999.  The ongoing Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment, continual assessment of Professional Standing (medical licensure), periodic assessments of Practice Performance and decennial assessment of Cognitive Expertise allow physicians the opportunity to improve their skills in six general competencies – Medical Knowledge; Patient Care; Practice-Based Learning and Improvement; Professionalism; Interpersonal and Communication Skills; and Systems-Based Practice.  By implementing these activities, Dr. Gorrell has demonstrated his commitment to quality clinical outcomes and patient safety.

Dr. Gorrell offers anesthesia services (as locum tenens), pain management (including interventional pain management), and wellness/functional medicine.

Dr Gorrell to be speaker for AAPC St Petersburg Chapter October 18, 2011

Dr. Gorrell will present his talk, Biggest Mistakes In Pain Management for AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) on October 18th at 6:00 pm at All Children’s Education and Conference Center located at 701 4th Street South St. Petersburg, FL  33701 (between 7th Ave S and 8th Ave S and parking is in the back of the building.  You can visit or a map.  Please RSVP to Dolores Morris at or call 727-456-3291 and leave a message.  There will be 1.5 AAPC CEU’s offered for this talk.  AAPC is a wonderful organization for billers, coders, practice managers and physicians  There is no fee for meeting, can attend as a guest if not a member of AAPC.

MERRILEE SEVERINO CPC, CPM Speech today at the AAPC meeting at all Children’s Hospital! with special guest appearance of Amy Beth Gorrell

At 530 in the education center at all Children’s Hospital, on Tuesday, August 16 2011, come hear Merrilee educate on revenue cycle management at the American Association of professional coders meeting. Also come see Amy Beth Gorrell to see the power of wellness medicine. Both mother and daughter are doing great! She is now 19 days old, Being breast-fed and after vaginal delivery.

Anti-Aging & Wellness Succeeds where Disease Management Fails for How to Get Pregnant

July 28, 2011 5 PM. We are at the Hospital in Spring Hill, FL with Merrilee Severino my world famous Wellness Medicine spokesmodel. By following my program of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement & Nutraceuticals, she is now having her first child at 39 years old! She is doing now what she failed to do at 28 even though she was under the care of a Fertility OB specialist & had paid $3-4000 for each of the 2 rounds of Intra Uterine Insemination that she went through & she was on many different pharmaceutical drugs! By focusing on wellness & not on treating disease, I made her healthy enough to carry Amy Beth Gorrell to term. If you want to be healthier & be free of disease, call the office at 352-224-3139. As you get healthier, the side effects could well be that you are cured of infertility, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease etc.

Getting ready for the birth of Amy Beth Gorrell; Inducing Labor with Accupuncture

Saturday, July 23, 2011 about 5 PM. Dr. Davis is here to begin traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture therapy for the induction of labor. There are research papers that show it to be 70% effective using one set of acupuncture points which is the same as oxytocin! Using a second set of meridian points, research showed acupuncture to be 92% effective in the induction of labor. This is even better than oxytocin!  Since it is gentler and works in harmony with the body, it is less likely to stress the fetus and precipitate meconium. This paper was published in the Journal of traditional Chinese medicine and material medical in 1989 by Fujian J. Please call the office to schedule your appointment with one of the best Chinese medicine physicians  in town: 352-224-3139.


The birth of this child for Merrilee Severino is a true miracle and her first baby. The take-home lesson for everyone here, however, is that my focus was not on getting her pregnant as her physician, but instead focusing on making her body well and healthy. I encourage everyone who reads this to focus on wellness first and doing all the things you can do with  Lifestyle, nutraceuticals, and  finally, testing your hormone levels to see what is out of balance instead of treatment of disease. You will find that her much healthier, happier, stronger and you live longer.

MERRILEE SEVERINO CPC, CPM Launches Nature Coast Chapter of POMAA (Physician Office Managers Association of America) meeting today at noon June 21, 2011! Topic: Charlotte Israel speaks on how to increase your practice revenue by offering nutraceuticals and weight loss!

The second meeting of the Spring Hill Chapter of POMAA occurs today at noon at Spring Hill Regional Medical Center’s Medical arts building. Go to the MAB room. This will be through the first door on your left and at the end of the hall for human resources. Address: 10461 Quality Dr., Spring Hill, FL 34609. For questions or directions, please call the hospital operator at 352-688-8200.

Attention Office Managers, Supervisors Administrators!
The Nature Coast Chapter of POMAA
(Physician Office Managers Association of America)
Lunch ‘n Learn with Lunch Catered by Panera Bread!
Lunch sponsor  and chapter president: MERRILEE SEVERINO, CPC, CMM, CPM
Guest Speaker: Charlotte Israel speaks on how to increase your practice revenue by offering nutraceuticals and weight loss! Charlotte Israel is a expert public speaker who is charismatic and very entertaining. She has mastered the transitions lifestyle system and has a very compelling personal story. Additionally, she will talk about NutraMetrix custom health solutions which is a way health professionals can offer their patients science-based nutraceuticals, and custom supplementation products to improve their health while simultaneously creating cash revenue for the practice.

Merrilee Severino is the President and Owner of MSPPMRC, Consulting Company.
Merrilee has worked in various specialties including pediatrics, gastroenterology, surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, and Internal Medicine to name a few. She enjoys helping practices get the money they have worked so hard for.
Non-Members $15 donation toward POMAA’s National Scholarship Fund!!
We are starting the Spring Hill Chapter of POMAA! There will be monthly meetings covering timely and important topics that you would not want to miss out on. Call my office at 352-224-3139 to be put on the contact list so you will be notified of upcoming events. To hire Ms. Severino as your practice management consultant, visit her She specializes in consulting, audits, practice flow through and improvements, and conversion to electronic medical records.

All pain MD’s & concerned citizens must attend the 9 AM Public Hearing to Consider Ordinance Regulating Pain Management Clinics by Hernando COUNTY ATTORNEY GARTH COLLER

9:00 AM, Board of County Commissioners, 20 N. Main St., Room 400,
Brooksville, FL 34601, Regular Meeting, ~ Agenda~, Tuesday, June 14, 2011,
Hernando County

There is no discrimination between good pain management or bad pain management physicians. It says specifically that all existing pain clinics will be targeted by this law and all clinics must pay a $3000 application fee. It includes a complete moratorium on any and all new management clinics and no existing pain management clinics can expand. It says that within 90 days of applying, all existing pain management clinics will be notified if they are approved to remain! There are no criteria that are described to explain how they will decide whether you are still a “good fit” for the neighborhood and location you currently occupy. As you know, with the new state law, if one’s location was not approved you would then be put out of business and be at square one trying to apply for a new state license and simultaneously waiting for Hernando County to approve your new county license. This is additional unnecessary bureaucracy and all pain management physicians must be concerned that any of us despite all our efforts to be compliant, could be arbitrarily determined by Hernando County to not fit in according to the new pain management clinic zoning ordinance. Two weeks ago, the governor just past under an additional 98 pages of legislation to control and regulate our specialty. There is no need for an additional 18 page County ordinance and we should all be united in preventing it!

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