Hope Pain Management Group LLC And Dr. Harold Sleight 1250 Mariner Boulevard Spring Hill, FL 34609-5657 (352) 688-4673 Shutdown in police raid today, November 1, 2011!

November 1, 2011 approximately 9 AM:  According to patients who came to see their doctor at their regularly scheduled visit at Hope pain management in Spring Hill this morning, the parking lot was full of approximately 7 law-enforcement vehicles, Dr. Lynn Hutchinson was seated on the concrete sidewalk outside of the facility, and they were told to seek another pain management Dr.or go to the ER to get a emergency three-day supply of medications. According to the St. Petersburg Times: “Deputies arrested Hutchinson on Tuesday on multiple counts of unlawful practice of medicine, unlicensed practice of a health care physician, criminal use of personal identification, and fraudulent representation of a practitioner to obtain a controlled substance.”   In fact, Dr. Hutchinson has never went to medical school anywhere and also considers herself to be a psychic. Click here, to see the whole story. Patients are currently not being allowed copies of their medical records because they are in the process of being copied by law enforcement. Patients may pick up a copy of their medical records later at the Hernando County Sheriff office. Dr. Harold Sleight was  Arrested as well.  The Hernando County Sheriff’s vice and narcotics unit states that Dr. Sleight, 70 years old pre-signed blank prescriptions that Dr. Hutchinson later filled out and he also knew that she was impersonating a medical doctor.  The shutdown of hope pain management is being conducted by a multi-disciplinary legal team including: FDLE, DEA, the Hernando County Sheriff, and the board of medicine. Although Hope’s regular office hours are Tuesday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, we called the office several times throughout the day for comment & to verify medical records and were only able to get the answering machine. Additionally, faxed requests for medical records have not been responded to.

If you are a legitimate pain management patient who lives in Florida and  you have a valid Florida ID, we do have a limited number of new patient spaces available in our schedule. The office will be closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday for continuing medical education. We suggest that you schedule with The Gorrell Institute at 352-224-3139 as soon as possible before the panel for new patients is closed. It is unlikely that Hope Pain Management will reopen and to go into acute withdrawal is a dangerous medical crisis.  Additionally, your goal should be to go to a pain management clinic that practices to the standard of care so you do not have to repeatedly pay for a initial office visit as well as the hassle and inconvenience of having to find a new doctor every few months.  We will work with you to maintain continuity of care. We currently accept Medicare and self-pay patients. If your insurance has out of network benefits, we do file an unassigned claim as a courtesy for you to be reimbursed.  We are not on the panel with Medicaid or with any HMOs. We guarantee that every patient will be seen by the doctor personally and he will give you his undivided attention.  Please call us at 352-224-3139 if we can be of assistance to you.


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