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2 Responses to “Contest”

  • Cynthia Neese:

    I have heard from several doctors now, that feel the same way you do.
    Some are actually wanting to get out of the practice all together. I am terrified for this country and what has been done to many med. practices.
    I agree with every word in the last article. It is truly a shame that a physician whom actually cares for the people that he or she is treating has to always look over his back and wonder, “Will this be the day the DEA will come and shut my practice down over some minor infraction”? or Will I be sued by someones family members because I happen to be one the Doctors that this patient committed suicide by.
    I apologize for America and ask all doctors to hang in there and remember why you became a doctor. We still need you!
    Cynthia A Neese

  • Ronald Reed:

    The injury I sustained that requires pain management occurred in 2008. Shortly after my injury I fell into a deep depression that included thoughts of suicide at the thought of living the rest of my days in pain, my personal life fell apart but then I heard about pain management which I entered.
    Enter my new life without debilitating pain every hour of every day, gone is my severe depression as well,i can now get up everyday and have only had to spend a couple days a month in bed due to pain and my usual energy has returned and i have even gone out with my son on his boat without extraordinary pain as well as numbness and tingling. When mt son tried to take me on his boat prior to pain management the ride lasted only minutes and now I can go out with him for a couple hours.
    I have prayed to God to please look out for the humanitarians that also practice pain management so they may be able to help not only myself but others who were ready to stop living due to constant severe pain.

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