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Upcoming Events Free Community Health Seminars

The following health seminars will be offered for FREE at our office 5119 Commercial Way Spring Hill, FL  34606

352-224-3139 RSVP is required.   Free gift if you bring a guest.  Kelvin Gorrell, MD (Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Diplomat of Anti-Aging Medicine) will be the speaker and available for brief Q&A after the seminar.

October 27th  6pm   Get Moving – how to unhinge those squeeky joints

November 3    6pm   Sleep Problems – how we can safely send you off to slumber or keep you energized

November 10  6pm   Detoxify Your System – it is importance that we cleanse our system at least twice a year

November 17   6pm  Andropause and Menopausal Symptoms – low libido, thinning hair, weight gain simple safe solutions



Emeril Lagasse prepared an adaptation of this recipe last year on a Martha Stewart Halloween special and we have adapted it. It is not necessarily true that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, because this doc LOVES them.

I use a Pampered Chef apple corer to core out the apples. We use Granny Smiths because they are a little harder, but you can use any you’d like. We use various pumpkin carving tools to carve faces onto our apples. We then stuff them with a mixture of oats, brown sugar or molasses, raisins (full of antioxidents), wheat germ, using a little bit of melted butter to hold it together long enough to make it to the centers of our apples. We then coat them with a nice maple syrup and put in a baking dish with about 1/4 inch of water on the bottom. We used a Pampered Chef deep dish baker. I put the lid on and bake them for about 20-30 minutes with the lid on. They are so delish with a little vanilla ice cream while still warm.

This is a great healthy activity to do with the kids and teaches them that eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad.

RSVP to the office at 352-224-3139 if you would like to attend our free health lecture on Wed evening at 6 pm.


Oct 7, 2010 Your Road to Wellness

What a beautiful day. We are having an afternoon clinic today. Last night was another exciting Transitions group. It is never too late to get started. I am always excited to see patients take responsibility for their health and wellness by being proactive and learning as much as they can and acting on that knowledge. With the right wellness program you will find that you can correct sleep disorders, mood disorders, weight issues and much more. People with chronic pain also find relief from weight loss and wellness. Make sure you contact my office today at 352-224-3139 to see how I can help you get on your way to wellness. Serving all of Tampa Bay, Spring Hill, Brooksville and surrounding communities.


Breaking News! Medicare Patients Welcome & Accepted!

I finally received the official change of address to Spring Hill from Medicare today. Come on in & all you owe is your coinsurance if your deductible is met! We will continue to work on the credentials with other plans. Please let my office staff know if you have a particular plan that you would like us to work on. If it is popular with you, we will expedite our efforts. Medicare usually covers pain management visits, please contact my patient service representatives at 352-224-3139 for any benefit or coverage questions. Cosmecuticals & nutriceuticals are non covered services. We will begin on Wed evening our October schedule of Transitions weight loss meetings. We have started a new group on Meet Up, make sure you RSVP and get started right away on your way to wellness.



I get asked all the time, what does that mean? It is a wellness plan targeted at keeping you healthy, youthful, and full of vitality. I like to say it is prolonging the “hang-time” on your life. Feeling youthful without the weight problems and aches and pains of our thirties, fourties and fifties. No longer do you have to feel “over the hill” when you are over thirty. Come on in and it is my determined pledge to you that we will work on pushing that hill back. If you have attended one of my Wed sessions, you are one step closer to your wellness. In October, we will do free health lectures on Trouble Sleeping?, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Cleansing and Dexotifying Your System. Call the office for schedule and seating availability. When a patient comes for an anti-aging consult, it is a very extensive health history and planning session. I may order some diagnositic tests. We will make an individualized plan custom for you to start you on right away. Some things that we can safely correct are sleeping disorders, weight gain, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, low testosterone, stress, fine lines and wrinkles, and mood swings to name a few. It is a life changing experience. Another question that I am asked frequently is, does my insurance cover this? Some do, some do not. We promote healthy, safe alternatives such as bioidentical hormones, stress reduction techniques including yoga and tai chi, nutracuticals, and all natural weight loss. I also offer cosmecuticals in my office which include Botox (currently on special at $10 per unit), Juvederm and Restylane. I am currently in the process of credentialing with insurance plans now that the construction on the office is complete. If you are interested in more information, have questions on how I can help, or if you would like to make an appointment for today please call 352-224-3139. We also offer Botox parties and health party plans. We will be doing our monthly drawing some time today, so make sure you have opted in for our monthly drawing.


Hormonal Imbalance Sept 29th

We had a great trip to Chicago last week. I attended a great conference. I am so excited to be back in practice this week. I hope to see a lot of you at the Hormonal Imbalance talk in the office tommorow nite, Sept 29th at 5119 Commercial Way Spring Hill, FL 34606 (make sure to RSVP today so we know for refreshments 352-224-3139). I will cover weight gain, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, decreased libido, and mood swings to name just a few symptoms that I can treat naturally, effectively, and safely using bioequivilent hormone treatments. We will also be picking up on our weight loss meetings (Transitions class) so if you want to join now is the time.

I am working on credentialing with insurances this week, what ones you want me to look into?

Tonite is a great opportunity for those of you looking to increase your income. Meeting will be in Clearwater. If you want to attend, please get with Merrilee today 352-224-3139.


Sept 20, 2010

What a beautiful morning. I am preparing to head to clinic this morning in Spring Hill for pain management patients. We have openings on Mon, Tues and Wed am of this week. I am not going to have a Transitions class (weight loss) or free health seminar this Wed night, but please call Merrilee today if you want to schedule a one-to-one call. I would love to hear from you this week for what kind of topics you would like to see on October’s schedule for our anti-aging and wellness seminars.

Some of the topics we are looking at for October include fibromyalgia, detox, and bioidentical hormones.



We started a sign up sheet at the office for our Doctor of Chinese Medicine as well as Tai Chi class. We would love to see you join us for our weekly classes, this week’s topic will be achieving hormonal balance. When your hormones are out of balance, you experience such side effects as hair loss, weight gain/loss, dry/brittle nails and hair, decreased libido and mood swings to name a few…these symptoms if left untreated can lead to serious health issues. Come learn how I can help you naturally treat these problems.

Every Wed we have a Transitions class at 6 pm in the office. I would love to have you join us, new patients are joining every week. This is a total transition of lifestyle, not just a diet. We are here to help support you every step of the way, you are not alone in this transformation.

We are building the website currently and would appreciate any testimonial you would like to share, if you are not sure how to post, call the office at 352-224-3139 and ask for Merrilee and she will take it by phone.

Make sure you opt in today for our drawing….. lucky winner will be announced at the beginning of the month and the October winner will receive a two week supply of Pentaxyl-Intensive Therapy For Fine Lines and Wrinkles. This product is great and synergizes wonderfully with Botox treatments (I still have my special running for $7.99 per unit). Pentaxyl is part of the most basic anti-aging platform that I recommend to all patients as well as our OPC-3 beauty blend (which nourishes the skin from inside out). Pentaxyl is great at maintaining healthy skin coloring as well as reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and helps stimulate collagen synthesis. We stock this product in the office for $75 per 4 fl oz tube (approximately 90 day supply . This product can be compared to Strivectin (seen on Home Shopping Network or Dillards).

We are headed to the office today and have opened up the afternoon for patients and have two openings left this afternoon….. call 352-224-3139 and Merrilee can get you scheduled.


Transitions Weight Loss Tonight Review New Program

We will be running a Transitions weight loss meeting tonite at the office, 5119 Commercial Way Spring Hill, FL  34608.  Merrilee should have updated dates on future topics available as a hand-out.  We will do the Transitions meetings each and every Wed nite as we have quite a wonderful group going.  If you wish to join us tonite there  is still room.  Call 352-224-3139.   First meeting is complimentary.

I will also be giving away TWO COMPLIMENTARY tickets to a special seminar for speaker Gary Rogers whom will help those that are wishing to take control of their own lives, money, and destiny.  The seminar is Sat, Sept 11 at Marshall Center USF 10 am to 5 pm.  (valued at $50).  The first two people to text merrilee at 727 408 0225 with their name and USF0911 will be winners!!

I have only ONE bottle of Botox remaining due to the tremendous response for the $7.99/unit ad – make sure you book with us right away, first available openings are this Friday.  First come, first serve.



Tonite at 6pm I will be doing my seminar on the effects of Andropause.  If you haven’t already done so, make sure you rsvp to 352-224-3139 or as seating is limited.  I have a few seats left.  This will be an informative seminar that can help you or a special man in your life suffer from depression/anxiety, loss of muscle tone, low libido, abdominal weight gain, concentration problems, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, decreased urine flow, or hot flashes and/or night sweats don’t ignore these symptoms.  If these are left untreated, they can be symptoms of much larger problems such as insulin resistance, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, increased c reactive protein, low HDL cholesterol, or clotting disorders.  Register on the nutrametrix tab on the website and take the FREE Nutraphysical and my nutritional consultant will give you a free consultation for attending the seminar tonite.

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