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The Gorrell Institute Exhibits at First Unity Church of St Pete Goddess Spa Day Saturday, May 7 from 9:30 am to 2 pm

Stardate 5/6/11. As we attend the Chick Fil A Leadercast at PHCC in Spring Hill, FL, we are planning to see you Sat 5/6/11 at the First Unity Church in St Petersburg’s Goddess Spa Day from 10AM to 2PM.  Doctor Gorrell will personally be there to answer any and all of your health questions. He is a diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and an Anesthesiologist. If you have any questions about pain management, health, wellness, beauty, or how to roll-back the aging process by 10 years, then come to see Dr Gorrell.  If you have chronic diseases or chronic pain that has stumped your doctors thus far, come see us. Dr Gorrell will help you to get to the root cause of  you and your family’s diseases with proper diagnosis and advanced Nutraceutical therapies so you can be happy, healthy and well again!  What is your health and life worth? Is it priceless? Then invest time in learning how to be healthy.

Event location: First Unity of St Petersburg at Unity Campus | Phone – (727) 527-2222 | Fax – (727) 526-1277 | Address – 460 46th Ave North, St Petersburg, FL 33703.  Click link to their site for more information: Goddess Spa Day Saturday, May 7 from 9:30 am  to 2 pm.

Call now 352-224-3139 to leave a message. We will be back in the office on Monday by 10 AM & we will return your call then.


Happy Easter to all from The Gorrell Institute and The Center for Headache & Pain Management!

Star date April 24, 2011: We successfully ran a pampered Chef spring cleaning event at the office yesterday from   2 PM to 5 PM on Saturday, April 23, 2011. It was a wonderful event and Ms. Merrilee Severino our practice manager, practice consultant and anti-aging spokesmodel pulled it off without a hitch. We had a delicious chili dish with cornbread on top and mini banana pudding tarts. They were delicious. KJ is here for spring break. He treated us to the movie  Madea’s big happy family to congratulate us on our successful spring of him. It was an excellent movie choice and quite hilarious. I hope you get a chance to see it in the near future.

Today we had turkey and dressing, coconut cake, brussels sprouts with carrots, and sweet potato casserole with mini marshmallows on top. After church that is. Tonight we will watch the movie old dogs. God bless you and your family and thank God the most wonderful Easter present ever namely our salvation.

As always advocating for your health,  The Gorrell Institute will again be open at 10 AM  to 5 PM Monday  through Friday.  Appointments are preferred. Walk-ins accommodated if possible. We are a full-service pain management facility including interventional pain management procedures such as epidural steroid injections, facet blocks, and coming soon dorsal column stimulator trials and Suboxone detox. Additionally, the Gorrell Institute of wellness medicine is here for you if you want to look, feel, and metabolically function like you were 10 years younger. Just ask Merrilee, who is now six months pregnant at 39 years old when she was unable to get pregnant at 28 years old even after two rounds of therapies with an infertility OB/GYN. All Dr. Gorrell did was concentrate on wellness management and bio identical balancing of hormones instead of disease management. This type of medicine truly complies with the old adage: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Call us at 352-224-3139 if you want wellness to be included as something you will be working on this year.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from The Gorrell Institute! Your premier source for pain management and wellness in Tampa Bay Florida

We will be defending  our title tonight at the Center Club at a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. The Gorrell Institute team won last year at this special event featuring miniature golf using unique Putters like a pickax, a right angle ruler, or a cue stick. Our team of four thanks to the expert marksmanship of Stephan Hopple got many hole-in-one shots last year and won the event! The grand prize was the beautiful blue jacket all the way from Ireland. I still wear it to this day. I will be defending the title tonight and we will be fielding two teams instead of just one. So wish us good luck and stay tuned for future activities.


PS: we are proud to support habitat  for humanity and encourage you to also. PPS: don’t forget to give to the Red Cross of the victims in Japan. And call us if you need any healthcare services we will be open for business tomorrow morning starting at 10 AM.



Tai chi expert Bob Ong teaches At 9:30 AM today at the Sun and Moon yoga center in Dade city Florida & Women’s self-defense Sunday, March 13, 2011!

Great news, I will be assisting Bob Ong a renowned local tai chi expert who is trained in the tradition of the Shaolin Temple, that the teaching of a women’s self-defense class it will be  starting today at the Sun and Moon yoga studio 14522  7th St. in downtown Dade city Florida. The phone number there is 352-424-3079. The special three-week course on women’s self-defense started on Sunday, March 6 from 1 PM to 2 PM and will continue for three weeks (March 13, March 20) at the same time. It is a real bargain at $35 per class are $85 if you can attend the full course. It is so important for women to have a class like this where they can learn the essentials of how to protect themselves when they are alone walking to their cars. Or possibly alone in the elevator with a stranger. Unfortunately, the police are not always there to protect us we must know the essentials of self-defense and this is what this course teaches. I urge you to come to the ongoing tai chi class starring Bob Ong that meets every Saturday from 930 to 10:30 AM. It is a moving meditation based on ancient martial arts that is low impact and safe for all fitness levels. We have even had students who were in a wheelchair or stand in the class with their walker! So you have no excuse come on down if you want to be healed.

Tai chi is a traditional Oriental martial art but also a great form of exercise that can be done by people of all fitness levels and will help them improve their muscle strength, balance, flexibility and mental clarity. The mind lives within the body in order to have a healthy mind that does not suffer the ravages of Alzheimer’s or dementia as we age, we must maintain physical fitness and activity. In addition this, most people want to lose weight and unfortunately most people especially women, try to diet alone to lose weight and do not add exercise to it! This is like hopping around town on one leg and trying to get somewhere! It is very difficult and frustrating. Beside the special class today, I personally endorse the Sun and Moon yoga studio because of the excellence of the quality of the instructors especially the founder Nancy Harmony. She is a certified yoga instructor with many years of experience who can even customize your yoga training to integrate the repair of medical problems that you already have in your life (i.e. chronic low back pain, arthritis problems etc.). So in other words, you can safely do  yoga even if you have bad knees or chronic low back pain etc.

PS: Dade city is very close to Tampa only a scenic 40 min. drive away. Once you come here, enjoy the fantastic restaurants and antique stores. There are many craft fairs that occur and there is a antique car show that occurs the first Saturday of every month.

Rick Scott, Pam Bondi and the New Nanny State!

There is a lot of sensationalism and name calling going on in the arena of pain management. Appropriate discipline and supervision of pain management physicians is being hotly debated and the appropriate dispensing of pain management medications is being discussed. Although it is certainly a tragedy anytime someone dies of a drug overdose, doctors in the pain management community are trying their absolute best to appropriately prescribe and dispense pain management medications to legitimate pain management patients. If people overtake or abuse these medicines and then die, they die due to the Choices they have made of their own free will.  It is not the doctors fault.  No one forces anyone to go to a pain management clinic and tell the doctor that they are in pain and require medication to manage that pain.  Calling pain management clinics pill mills, charging doctors with a third-degree felony if they work in an unregistered pain management clinic, with or without knowledge even if they were hired in from out of state, as well as causing them to lose their license to practice medicine for the rest of their life in this state and all his other states, is not the answer.

The truth is that individual patients  and people are responsible for their actions and behavior. No one holds a gun to their head and forces them to go to a pain management clinic and lie to the doctor saying that they have pain.  If they fool the doctor, it is not the doctors fault.  No one forces anyone To go buy prescription medications on the street illegally. A legal solution to the medical problem of addictive personality disorder is unintelligent and unelegant. Calling doctors street-level drug dealers as law enforcement  and the politicians have, is simple political mudslinging. A more constructive solution would have been to include healthcare mechanisms that offer coverage for drug detox, psychotherapy, and improved enforcement of the existing laws. One law which Rick Scott has put on hold and is actively repealing that would be the most effective at preventing Dr. shopping, and the reselling of drugs on the street is namely the law that would link the pharmacies and allow myself and other physicians to know if someone else has been prescribed schedule two narcotics in the same month. People with untreated pain management issues and drug addiction issues are in the process killing themselves, and going through painful drug withdrawals without the appropriate treatments.  Instead they are being thrown in jail. Recently, I had the privilege of caring for a patient who has metastatic breast cancer and is being  cared for at the Moffitt Cancer Center. Her pain clinic was closed  by law enforcement and no arrangements had been made to provide continuity of care for the patients.  She was told by the doctors at the Moffitt to go to this closest emergency room for care so she would not go into acute withdrawal. She was being prescribed a significant amount (oxycodone 30 mg, nine tablets per day) of opioid narcotics. She was not seen by a doctor,  but a nurse practitioner instead because the Dr. was busy.  She was taunted by the nurse practitioner who prescribed to her.  He said that he was being generous because he gave her 10 Percocet tens and normally he only gives Percocet five!

So as we fight this sensationalistic war  on drugs, and we actively try to put all pain physicians, all drug addicts, and any drug resellers in jail, at the cost of 35,000+ dollars per year, and we allow legitimate pain patients to suffer as collateral damage, let us remember, that it only cost $10,000 per year to give someone a scholarship to medical school or law school at a state university!  Even though it is alleged by Republicans that it is an entitlement to give someone healthcare,  or to give them a scholarship to school, wouldn’t it be better to use the same $35,000 that it takes to keep someone incarcerated to give them drug rehabilitation or a scholarship?  But no! We would not want to do that, because we are: “A kinder gentler nation”.

As an interesting footnote, Oxycodone and Xanax are not the most dangerous drugs on the street. According to a recent study published in the Lancet, the most dangerous drug with the greatest economic impact, and the greatest loss of life is alcohol! And I would say the second most dangerous drug is tobacco! So if these political grandstanders actually want to do something significant for public safety; to fight the war on drugs for the public health  and the greater good, I dare them to try to prohibit the sale of these drugs or further crack down and restrict them.  Not just make it a felony to possess or sell certain bathroom salts that some foolish person has managed to snort up their nose in an effort to get high.

At the end of the day, Americans have always valued their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but certain puritanical hypocrites among us have obviously forgotten this fact. However, what is even a greater truth is: “with great freedom comes great responsibility”. We cannot pass enough laws to protect people from every irresponsible  and idiotic way they have thought of to put themselves in harms way. If you do not believe me, I recommend that you watch a few episodes of the show titled “a 1000 ways to die”. Because of the new laws that have been passed, I spend more time worrying about lawsuits and consulting with attorneys than I do on continuing medical education!  Additionally, I cannot recommend that anyone consider becoming a doctor because there is too much legal liability in trying to help heal the sick and suffering.  If you do not believe this, read the new  50 page state statute that has been passed (SB 2272). Despite this, my own daughter is in college and wants to become a doctor. I feel sorry for her.

People Who Drink Diet Soda Daily Have a 61% Higher Risk of Vascular Events

Just because you drink diet soda, doesn’t mean you are safe from disease causing ill effects of your food choice. According to a new study released by the University of Miami school of medicine, at the American Stroke Association’s national 2011 conference in Los Angeles,  Researchers found that even if you drank one diet soda day, you had a 61% increase rate of heart attacks and strokes! Additionally, there is evidence that drinking these sugary drinks even if they have no calories, fool the body into increasing its demand for caloric intake and ultimately people become even more obese than if they drank the regular sugary sodas.

In the second study, the multiethnic Northern Manhattan Study which involved  2657 people, scientists found that high salt intake was an independent risk factor for a dramatic increase risk of ischemic strokes in which a blood vessel blockage cuts off blood flow to the brain. This is the most common form of stroke and accounts for 90% of the strokes that occur and the remaining 10% are hemorrhagic strokes in which the blood vessel pops and the leaking blood kills any brain cells that it contacts. It’s important to get a CT scan within the first 90 min. of someone having symptoms of a stroke to determine if it is ischemic or not because if it is ischemic, they may be a candidate for clotbusting drugs. If these drugs are given to people with a hemorrhagic stroke, it will actually make the stroke worse.

People who consume more than 4000 mg of sodium per day have twice the risk of stroke compared to those consuming less than 1500 mg a day. The average follow-up time was 9.3 years average age of the study participants was 69 years old. Even after correcting for patients metabolic syndrome, peripheral vascular disease, and heart disease history the increase rate of stroke was 48%. Only one third of participants meet current US dietary guidelines which recommend sodium intake below 2300 mg or about 1 teaspoon of salt. Only 12% of subjects met the American Heart Association’s recommendation to consume less than 1500 mg a day. The average intake was 3031 mg per day. The moral is: high sodium intake is a risk factor for ischemic stroke among those with high blood pressure as well as those without high blood pressure.

For more information, click on the  following links: American Heart Association or American Stroke Association’s or  this link to University of Miami’s website:

The beauty premium in the work place

According to the  Today show  on NBC this morning, in a piece titled “why are we so obsessed with looking younger?” How you look, can affect if you are even working at all!  People who are more attractive and youthful, get hired first, get paid 12% more, & get fewer traffic tickets.  According to Alex Kuczynski, Author of the book  “beauty junkies” those who are attractive, get higher grades from teachers and score higher on IQ tests! There is a old Danish proverb, by the age of 50, you have the face you deserve, but now with modern medicine and technology, you can have the face you don’t deserve!

If you have abused yourself by sun worshiping, smoking, lack of sleep, or if you just want to improve yourself, I can help. Come and participate in our Botox special, the normal price is $15 per unit, but for the next 30 days, if you say you saw it here, I will give you the special price of $10 per unit. If you come with a friend, you both will get a special price of nine dollars per unit!  Come see a real MD who can help you nourish your skin from the inside out as well as the outside in! Learn how to use organic supplements and vitamins,  IE: Nutraceuticals to help you look and actually be stronger and healthier, and Cosmeceuticals, topical makeups with healing properties, to repair your skin.

Get Up and Move

The Arthritis Foundation, working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, launched a national campaign this year to spread the word that no longer is it advisable to lay off your joints when arthritis strikes but instead they now say proper movement is the best medicine for the nation’s leading cause of disability.  Exercise can actually help relieve pain along with over the counter treatments like Tylenol or Motrin without all the side effects of prescription medications such as oxycodone, Vicoden, and Celebrex.  Nutritional supplementation is key as well.  The right kind of exercise can loosen stiff joints and improve mobility by strengthening muscles around those joints.  In addition to these benefits, exercise can help you control and maintain your weight.  For every pound gained, experts note that the pressure across your knees increases by four pounds.  Low impact activities such as walking, cycling, the eliptical machine, tai chi and water exercise is best.  We offer our patients a wide range of options including various supplements, accupuncture, and prescription therapy.  A great resource is the Arthritis Foundation’s website at or call the local Florida chapter at 813-968-7000 or toll free at 800-850-9455 as well as Center for Disease Control and Prevention at  Feel free to call our office at 352-224-3139 to schedule your evaluation today.

Now Offering Services with Dr Davis (Dr of Chinese Medicine)

Now accepting appointments for Mondays and Thursdays for Dr. D Davis (DOM) in our Spring Hill location.  Full knowledge of acupuncture, chinese herbs and much more for therapeutic benefit and relaxation.  Call today 352-224-3139 to make your appointment.

Get pain Management appointment for today! No waiting!

Come see Doctor Gorrell a board-certified anesthesiologist in his own physician owned pain management clinic legally licensed with the state of Florida and in compliance with all state laws. He will personally see  you on every visit. Doctor Gorrell is a compassionate and caring doctor also practices wellness medicine and spends time with his patients. The Gorrell Institute works hard to maintain patients on their current drug regimen if it is working for them. The initial visit is $350 and follow-ups are $150. The initial visit includes a free urine drug screen as is required by state law (a $50 value!).  This is really a bargain when you consider that Doctor Gorrell typically spends an hour with patients on the initial visit. Documents required include the most recent six months of the pharmacy transcript, most recent MRI or CT reports, and the last office visit  notes by your prior doctor if available. We prefer my appointment to minimize your wait time however walk-ins are welcome and will be accommodated as the schedule allows. Please call us first at 352-224-3139. Our fax number for supporting documents is 727-359-0230.

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish and pay for an initial visit at a clinic that will be closed next month or three months from now. You’ll still have to pay the same initial visit price when you come see us later.

PS: coming for our Botox special of $10 a unit for the holidays. The normal price is $15 per unit! This limited time offer and ends with the new year.

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